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Custom Integrated Robotic Solutions

Model: MPL100

The Motoman MPL100 Palletizing Robotic solution is a high performance robot that maximizes productivity in layer handling applications for case packing. Internally routed air lines and wiring through all the robot axes provide maximum system reliability. The MPL100 is also able to palletize trailer height loads.

The innovative, 4-axis palletizing robot MPL100 with it´s payload of 100 kg is a dynamic masterful mover and stands out due to it´s extremely high acceleration and axis speed values. Another important criterion is the low space requirement.

The supply lines of the MPL models are routed internally (four air lines and 22 electric cables) up to the wrist axis, thus ensuring maximum service life of the hose packages. The MOTOMAN MPL100 has a hollow wrist with a diameter of 50 or 60 mm. Even in the case of longer wrist axis motions there are no disturbing, externally routed supply lines.

The MPL100 series is operated with the high-performance DX100 controller and can thus be equipped with all standard bus systems such as ASI-S. This bus cable can optionally also be routed internally through the robot as far as the wrist axis.

Flexible Palletizing Solution:

  • Payload: 100 kg
  • Four-axis MPL100 "Master Palletizing" robot has fast axial speeds adn acceleration which reduces cycle times and increases production output.
  • Extensive 3,024 mm vertical reach provides for palletizing loads up to 108" high on a 42" pallet, or up to 105" on a 48" pallet.
  • 100 kg payload; 3,159 mm horizontal reach; +/- 0.5 mm repeatability.
  • Features internally routed air lines and wiring between base of robot and end-of-arm tool.
  • Hollow wrist provides wide range of wrist motion and maximum cable life.

DX100 Controller

  • Patented multiple robot control supports up to 8 robots/72 axles
  • Windows CE programming pendant with color touch screen and USB interface
  • Faster processing speeds for smoother interpolation. Quicker I/O response. Accelerated Ethernet communication.
  • Supports all major fieldbus networks, including EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Profitbus-DP.
  • Compliant to ANSI/RIA R15.06 and other relevant ISO and CSA safety standards. Optional Category 3 Functional Safety Unit.
Controlled axes4
Payload100 kg
Maximum reach P-point3159 mm
Repeatability±0.5 mm
Weight1700 kg
Power requirements9.5 kVA
Mounting positionsFloor
Suitable forPalletising
Maximum speed
S-axis 140 º /sec
L-axis 140 º /sec
U-axis 140 º /sec
T-axis 305 º /sec