Case Erectors

Large pearson ce50 case erector


Fully Automatic Case Erector

Model: CE50

The Pearson CE50 family of Case Erectors provides industry leading output in a compact footprint.  Its proven design, optimized in demanding real world applications, incorporates highly reliable servo motors on all major motions.  The CE50 undersized case model is ideal for erecting ultra small cases.

  • Speed: Up to 50 cases/min
  • Case Size Range (in): L 5-23.5 | W 3.5-16 | H 3.5-18.5
  • Sealing: Hot melt glue, Tape
  • Ergonomic Height Magazine
  • Reliable case singulation and transfer
  • Servo controlled flight system
  • Positive dual opposed vacuum erecting - active minor flap closing
  • Servo controlled compression mandrel
  • On-the-fly variable speed capability

Up to 50 cases/min

Real-time, on demand speed adjustments

Case Size Range (in)

L 5-23.5 | W 3.5-16 | H 3.5-18.5


Hot melt glue



Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC

PanelView Color HMI


Fast - supported by scales, pointers, quick release handles

HMI Graphical Guided Instructions


PackML compliant

UL listed control panel


Heavy duty welded tubular frame

Mild steel

Stainless steel

Low-pressure wash-down

Machine Size Range (ft)

L 20 | W 8 | H 8-9

Key Differentiators

Dual opposed case erecting

Positive case selection/transfer

Tolerant of knock-down case variances

Servo-controlled major motions

Real-time, on demand speed adjustments