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  We understand the sense of urgency required to meet the demands of contract packagers. This, combined with all of the resources we have to offer, makes us a one stop shop for our contract packaging customers.  

Wally Hopkins

Wally Hopkins

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Wally Hopkins

Wally started his sales career working with material handling equipment and was a supplier of this equipment for Atlantic. He brought his skills over to Atlantic in 2000 and began calling on customers in a range of industries, from textiles to building products.

Wally has a strong knowledge of stretch film and equipment and he works to educate his customers on the best use of materials that will successfully contain loads, maximize usage, and achieve the lowest unit cost. He relies on Atlantic’s superb technical service team to ensure that his customers’ stretch equipment is optimized in order to achieve these goals.

In addition to stretch packaging, Wally is also an incredible resource for contract packagers. His strong connection with this industry and his ability to anticipate the needs of these packagers together with Atlantic’s vast network of resources makes Wally a truly valuable partner for these customers.

Many successful companies rely on Wally to supply the best possible packaging solutions for their unique applications. We are thrilled to have him as part of the Atlantic team.


A Partner in Contract Packaging

We have long served as a source of equipment, materials, and expertise for contract packagers around the country. Our network of resources, availability of materials, and ability to install, service, and program machinery has made us a partner that contract packagers can rely on for even their most challenging projects.

Equipment Expertise

Wcrt 200 wulftec stretch wrapper

Our equipment expertise at Atlantic covers packaging machinery from shrink tunnels, to stretch wrappers, bagging equipment, case erectors, tape sealers, strapping tools, conveyors, and labelers.

Atlantic equipment technicians are among the very best in the business. We’ve been in packaging for over 60 years and we’ve made it a priority to hire and train expert technicians, proficient in the servicing and operation of every piece of machinery we provide.

Finding the equipment you need

The breadth and scope of our technical knowledge offers a unique advantage to contract packagers. When it comes to establishing the needs of a particular contract project, our experts will know firsthand the best way to get it done in terms of the equipment and materials needed.

In addition, our experts can advise on cost, an accurate timeframe, and the availability of the equipment needed for a contract packaging project.

A partner you can trust

Contract packagers who partner with Atlantic benefit from over 60 years of comprehensive expertise in the packaging industry. Trust Atlantic to be your contract packaging partner.

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Sourcing of Materials

Atlantic is a large volume supplier of packaging materials to a wide range of customers throughout the U.S. and offshore. This puts us in a strategic position in terms of cost and availability of materials for contract packagers.

You need it, we can get it

Along with our packaging equipment sourcing and expertise, Atlantic can supply materials including shrink film, labels, folded cartons, strapping, and tape. Whatever materials you need to fulfill your contract packaging job, count on Atlantic to be a reliable and responsive source.

We respond when you need us

We understand the unique demands of the contract packaging business, from fast response to quick turnaround and lowest unit costs. Our connections throughout the packaging world give us the ability to source equipment and materials and to respond to orders and requests very quickly.

Partnering with Atlantic provides access to a critical, cost competitive source of materials needed to fulfill these demands.

Industry Knowledge

Our history and experience in the packaging business started in North Carolina and has grown to encompass an expansive geographic region with connections, customers, and vendors throughout the southeast, northeast, and midwestern U.S., with additional locations in the Caribbean

Atlantic knows packaging

Our grasp of the packaging industry is vast and far-reaching, with over 60 successful years in business. The relationships we’ve developed over all these years has led us into all aspects of packaging and spans a customer base from Fortune 100 companies to small mom and pop shops.

We are your industry source

For Contract Packagers, we have an innate understanding of the need for fast response, accurate cost estimates, quick turnarounds, and lowest possible unit costs.

Our experts know what packaging equipment and materials will get the job done with the most efficiency and we know how you can that equipment when you need it. We can also supply the packaging materials you’ll need quickly and at low, competitive costs.

With Atlantic as your partner on Contract Packaging, you have a reliable, competitive source on equipment, materials, and industry expertise.