National Accounts... Another Atlantic Advantage

Servicing various geographical locations and timely product movement are far less complex than a program that ensures secure load containment and sustainable cost while attacking the core objective.

Our National Programs are designed in total concert with our manufacturing partners and focus on multiple interlocking elements, each of which is essential to achieve and sustain cost objectives.

Selecting or manufacturing the PROPER MATERIAL (fi lms, tapes, strap, protective packaging, etc.) is the FIRST critical component. The precise product that will best perform the function in conjunction with equipment performance is of greater importance than the product unit price either by pound, by roll, or by foot. Its performance is the key.

SECOND, carefully engineered EQUIPMENT designed for the required throughput and the appropriate application of materials is essential. It is understood that effective speeds be met, waste eliminated, machine down time minimized and rework not required. Proper equipment specifi cations are imperative. Capital investment is expected to return productivity and sustain value. The initial choice of quality equipment is an assistance Atlantic’s engineering team provides.

From installation, to training, to ongoing technical service, a comprehensive service program under the care of SKILLED TECHNICIANS and parts department is the THIRD element and is likely the most critical component of sustaining unit cost control. Atlantic’s technicians are simply the best in the industry and cover our customer’s locations coast-to-coast, wherever needed. Trained in mechanical, electrical and PLC programmable logic, our team’s ability to maintain equipment’s life, to have equipment run at its capacity, and to create program interfaces for specific projects is central to our mission.

The FOURTH component is REAL TIME DATA collection from service reports, manufacturing schedules and product consumption. This process requires specialized programming provided by Atlantic’s technology staff. Customized methods for recording service history, calibration standards and product use must have real time management access to observe variations and to ensure sustainability of benchmarked cost parameters. What is measured, is controlled!

With UNIT COST being the only true objective of any effective program and the sustainability of those costs creating the only lasting cost savings, Atlantic’s National Programs require that each element of materials, equipment, service and data collection be molded together in one comprehensive agreement.

These four elements cannot be separated. Each is dependent on the other for effective cost control.

Beyond core manufacturing and production line requirements, Atlantic offers a variety of allied packaging products for those customers looking to consolidate vendors, streamline logistics or further take advantage of Atlantic’s deeply integrated involvement in National Account relationships.

Atlantic’s team of equipment, material, service and technology professionals will work for you. Our National Programs begin with field audits of your packaging lines in – stretch wrapping, shrink packaging, strapping, case erection, carton sealing, labeling, and others. Our audit services are free and our National Programs GUARANTEE RESULTS when the breadth of an Atlantic program is endorsed.