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Atlantic Packaging is a leader in the packaging industry due to our investment in equipment, product, materials, inventory, engineering, and overall expertise.

When it comes to stretch wrapping, Atlantic Packaging is a strategic blend of the 3 major components of the packaging industry: the manufactures of packaging materials, the distributors of those materials, and the consulting companies who help streamline the process.

Atlantic carries a full line of films specifically tailored for all kinds of applications.  In addition to this inventory, we have invested heavily in technical and human resources to ensure that we are staffed with engineers and people who understand the equipment.  Bringing film and equipment knowledge together provides a real value to our customers.

Atlantic has a stretch film lab designed to test the product according to a customer’s specific use.  There are many variables when it comes to how a customer is using the film, how their equipment is monitored, how their equipment is set up, and more.  Often, our customers come to us with limited specifications about what they need.  The lab is here as a resource to help us refine the films to more closely reflect each customer’s specific applications and to broaden the range of choices for them.  It also allows us to capture lots of data on film performance and film application setup so our customers can have full confidence that they are getting the best product for their needs.

Our stretch film lab not only provides testing, data, and confidence in the product, it also helps our customers understand the properties of the film they’re buying.  We train customers on the materials, the application, and the monitoring process.

One of the first things our Atlantic Packaging does with a new customer is to perform an on-site audit to establish benchmarks.  Often, we are able to find cost savings opportunities this way where we can recommend adjustments to their equipment, standardize settings, and establish consistency with processes across the board.  This is where customers can realize a cost savings of up to 20-30%.  Plus we use our patented M.U.S.T. System for tracking and monitoring to keep them where they need to be.

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