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Before switching to a fully automated shrink wrapping machine from Atlantic Packaging,, an online store selling gift baskets for every occasion, was experiencing a much higher rejection rate due to errors in the shrink wrapping.  The manual machines the company was using previously required a great deal of training to get new employees up to speed on using them correctly.  This added to their overall overhead cost and also added to greater instances of human error in the packaging.

After consulting with Atlantic Packaging, decided on a fully automatic shrink wrapping machine that simplifies the wrapping process, sending the baskets through one machine in a timely fashion and eliminating the possibility of human error. was able to work remotely with Atlantic Packaging, sending them videos of their process to be evaluated by the technicians at Atlantic in order to find opportunities for improvement in terms of quality, efficiency, and reduced costs.  Together, they came up with a solution and is now fully equipped with packaging equipment that suits their specific needs.

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