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Good design is simple, elegant, and efficient.

Here at Atlantic Packaging, we believe that great products deserve great packaging. This is why we have a dedicated custom packaging design lab in our Youngsville, North Carolina facility. We develop packaging designs that are engineered to maximize product protection, minimize packing material, and reduce production floor assembly time to bring our customers significant savings.

Our inital step is to evaluate the product’s shape, establish appropriate support points, and create 3D custom packaging design in CAD. Basic packaging elements such as foam, corrugated, SBS, and other materials are strategically cut and assembled during this in-house sample creation process.

Small runs of samples can be used for shipping minimal quantities of high-end products that do not justify tooling. We can also run ship tests from individual packs up to full pallets, including sending them to licensed labs for fully instrumented drop tests and assembly time studies.

Our production facility includes foam die cutting, slitting, perfing, saw-cutting equipment and, of course, our design lab.

The goal of our custom packaging design lab is to achieve the best product protection at the lowest cost for our customers.

Call our experts today to learn how our protective packaging solutions can benefit your product and your business: 800-722-5841