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Atlantic Packaging provides custom engineered packaging solutions for nearly any size or shape object at nearly any level of fragility or delicacy. We have a dedicated custom packaging design lab in Youngsville, NC where our engineers work hard to ensure that the packaging functions optimally, while using the least amount of material and saving our customers the most money possible.

Great effort goes into the planning, design, and testing of our custom protective packaging solutions for each and every client. Once a solution has been decided on and the necessary protective materials – foam, corrugated, SBS, and others – have been cut and formatted, we move into our package assembly phase. You may be surprised at the level of detail and precision that goes into assembling each custom package. Take a look in the video below.

Our goals with custom packaging design and assembly are to achieve the best product protection at the lowest cost for our customer. Contact Atlantic Packaging today to learn how our process, materials, and service can benefit your company and your bottom line: 1-800-722-5841.

Learn more about our Custom Packaging Design Lab and our Protective Packaging Solutions.

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