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Folding cartons are used for a wide variety of retail and wholesale packaging, from medical device to food, health and beauty items, and industrial products.

Atlantic is heavily involved in folding carton design, manufacturing, and printing for all these industries and more. We are privileged to have Danny Woodlief, a custom designer for folding cartons, among our extremely talented staff (look for Danny among our Consultants). Danny has spent his 30-year career working with folder-gluers, high-speed die cutting machines and custom packaging design.  He was instrumental in scaling Atlantic Printing & Graphics division into the current 65,000 sq. ft. Tabor City facility and developing our folding carton operation.

Danny works directly with our customers to understand their unique specifications for cartons and presents designs that can meet these needs, including snap-lock and auto bottoms, tuck ends, seal ends, tray styles, display, and more.

Please visit Atlantic Printing & Graphics to see how we can help you with your folding carton design, printing, and production.