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When it comes to packaging, labels are a critical part of the process, from barcoding to product identification, all the way through to retail labels.

Label printing and application are a specialized segment of the packaging industry and Atlantic is committed to offering full service labeling capabilities.  We have presses and press operators to generate the labels you need as you need them (see Labels in our Printing & Graphics division) and we have equipment resources and integration knowledge with Don Stewart, our in-house label expert (see our Consultants page).

Don has been working with labeling equipment and materials throughout his career, furthering his knowledge with each advance in technology.  His expertise is called upon in every industry we’re involved in, from automobiles to toys, tools, cleaning products, produce, poultry, and more. Don is also educated in the unique requirements and government standards that apply across all these different industries.

In addition to Don’s expertise, Atlantic also invests in the equipment that can keep up with the demand for increasingly more advanced requirements for barcoding and labels, including digital labelers for customized and smaller runs.  Terie Syme (also featured on our Consultants page and in the video below) is our go-to person for anything related to label printing and prepress and she makes sure that our customers get the best quality labels to meet their demands.

Count on Atlantic for all your labeling needs and be sure to explore our Printing & Graphics division to learn more about our printing capabilities.