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Atlantic has an incredible depth of experience when it comes to working with paper mills.  We partner with the mills on many levels, from sourcing supplies and materials to providing advanced consulting and problem solving.

In 2014, we hired Ken Anderson, a film sales specialist with extensive experience working with paper mills.  Throughout his decades-long career, he has seen so many of the challenges that paper mills face in protecting, storing, and shipping their product.  Ken brings extremely valuable insights and problem solving skills to our paper making customers.  See how we serve the Paper Mill Industry.

We also partner with the mills through our paper converting operations.  Our unique capabilities in narrow width slitting and wide web printing as well as our die cutting, slitting, and rewinding operations continue to support long-standing relationships with our paper suppliers.  We also work to find opportunities and creative solutions for products obtained from the mills.

Contact Atlantic today to see how we can partner with you for long-term growth and success.