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[Update: 159 Atlantic employees met this challenge of 15,000 steps in one day. What a huge accomplishment! Congratulations to everyone who made it and to everyone who made an attempt, especially in the hundred degree temps we are experiencing right now in North and South Carolina.]


We’ve always taken great pride in our determination and ability to go the extra mile when it comes to meeting the needs of our customers.  Today, Atlantic employees are challenged to go the extra mile… literally.

As part of our current 30-week Wellness Challenge powered by Fitbit activity trackers, employees are challenged to walk 15,000 steps today. Everyone who accomplishes this goal with earn this badge in our Wellness Challenge Leaderboard: The Extra Mile Challenge.  Our usual daily goal is about 6,000 steps with an “overachiever” goal of about 8,500 steps/day.  So today is our big sprint day.

In issuing this challenge, our Wellness Coordinator provided employees with 15 ideas on how to get 15,000 steps on June 15th. These tips are great for anyone trying to work in some extra steps in their day-to-day activities:

1. Take a walk before work
2. Walk during your break/lunch
3. Park farther away
4. Use the restroom farthest from you
5. Walk to your co-workers desk instead of emailing
6. Go on a walk with your family after dinner
7. Have a walking meeting instead of using a conference room
8. Set a reminder every hour to get up from your desk and take a quick walk down the hall and back
9. Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible
10. Go grocery shopping and take an extra lap or two around the perimeter of the store
11. Skip the drive thru and walk inside to pick up your coffee or lunch
12. Walk to your mailbox
13. Utilize your stand-up desk and walk in place
14. Walk around while talking on the phone
15. Check your Fitbit throughout the day and set small goals to get to 15,000!

The Extra Mile Challenge

Here’s a little background on our Wellness Challenge.

Atlantic launched a Wellness Program in 2012 to encourage employees to live a healthier life. Management took the program to another level by issuing a Six-Month Wellness Challenge powered by Fitbit activity trackers and incentivized with valuable prizes.  They also put up a leaderboard with names and daily step activity to fuel the competitive spirit.

The results from that first challenge were amazing overall.  Employees lost a total of 630 pounds, some quite smoking, lowered cholesterol and triglyceride levels, got off medications, and many went from doing no exercise at all to running 5Ks, 10ks, and even half marathons. It was truly life-changing for some of the participants.

We are currently in our third company-wide challenge with over 350 employees taking part.  As of 9am this morning, we already had 2 participants reach today’s goal of 15,000 steps with another 20 people halfway there.  Atlantic employees are going the Extra Mile today for our own collective health, confidence, sense of accomplishment and to show just how hard we will work to reach our goals.

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