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Maximizing package density for efficiency, ease of packing, and faster packing times.

Across the board, our customers care very much about two particular things when shipping their products:

1. Protecting the product from any damage during transit and storage, and
2. Minimizing shipping costs

One of the ways that we address both of these issues is by increasing package density whenever possible. This means that the customer is maximizing space usage both within the package and within the truck, shipping more product at a lower cost.

Efficiency, Protection, and Low Cost

Makers of mechanical parts for the automotive, aeronautical, and electronics industries are especially concerned with getting their parts to the manufacturers as efficiently as possible and at the lowest possible cost, all while protecting highly sensitive products such as engine turbos, drive train components or windshield wiper arms and blades.

At Atlantic, our packaging designer goes to great lengths to create custom package prototypes that will allow these customers to ship as many parts as possible toget her and in one truckload. He also takes into account the ease of packing and unpacking the product.

Testing for the Best Outcome

Using a CAD table and specialized software, our designer searches for ways to arrange the parts inside the package to allow more parts to fit while still being protected. These techniques include re-orienting the parts by interweaving, stacking, facing one up and one down, or using a different packing material. Ultimately, he is looking to reduce empty space in the packaging so a customer’s shipping costs are tied directly to parts, not air.

Maximizing package density can have a significant positive impact on shipping costs, productivity, and efficiency. In addition to packing more parts together, we are also creating a design that is easy to pack on the line and easy to unpack at the destination. Customer guidelines for proper presentation and visibility are followed as well so that the product is easy to inventory and verify at its destination.

We invite you to contact Atlantic today to see how we can help create better efficiency in your packaging design.

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