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Distribution centers handle a wide variety of products that need to be sorted, packed, and shipped throughout the day.  This variety presents a challenge when it comes to stretch wrapping. The loads coming through the wrapper vary in size and weight from pallet to pallet. The default setting is that every pallet gets wrapped as if it’s the heaviest and bulkiest load they can make. While this ensures protection for the products, it also results in wasted materials and inefficiencies in the stretch wrapping operation.

Atlantic Packaging’s engineers went to work configuring settings for the wrapper that would accommodate loads of any size and weight in order to minimize material usage while still protecting the products.  They came up with 9 unique wrap patterns that can be pre-programmed and customized for any distribution facility.  LoadLogic takes a measurement of each load coming into the wrapper and calls up the appropriate wrap pattern based on these measurements.

The end result is an automated system that produces efficiently and effectively wrapped pallets at an overall lower unit cost.

Learn more about LoadLogic and call us to find out how to get it installed in your distribution center: (704) 588-1400 (Atlantic in Charlotte, NC).