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Over 16 weeks this spring and summer, 324 participants in Atlantic’s Race2Rio Wellness Challenge traveled 168,107 miles collectively.

That’s 369,835,468 steps and 6.75 times around the earth!

For the Race2Rio, participants were grouped randomly into teams of 12 where they competed to be the first team to travel the virtual distance from Tabor City, NC, our hometown city, to Rio de Janeiro, site of the 2016 Summer Olympics.  The challenge completed on August 21st and we are excited to report that every team made it to Rio!

Race2Rio Beyond the Numbers

The team challenge was a huge success that united employees across 14 branch locations.  Team members communicated via email throughout the 16 weeks to keep each other motivated and on-track.  Plus, our team leaderboard helped us stay accountable to our fellow racers.

Race2Rio participants found creative ways to stay active during the challenge, setting healthy habits that stuck with them. Our Wellness Coordinator highlighted stories of these newfound health and fitness goals from employees throughout the company in a series called Beyond the Number. These stories reveal the motivation behind the daily number of steps everyone could see in our leaderboard.  What inspired someone to travel 80,00 steps in a week?  What got someone else off the couch and walking for the first time in a long time?  It was fun to see and share these stories.

Race2Rio Beyond the Number

And what would a race be without winners? The first 3 teams that reached 9,168,000 steps together won gold, silver, and bronze cash prizes. And everyone who averaged 40,000 steps/week was entered into a drawing to win a Grand Prize.  We even had an Overachiever prize drawing for everyone who averaged 50,000 steps/week.  The drawing and giveaway event was filmed in a live streaming event for the whole company.

Congratulations to everyone who competed and to our Grand Prize and Overachiever winners.  What a great accomplishment!  And thank you to Atlantic for supporting and encouraging our efforts in health and wellness.

Race2Rio Beyond the Number