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Rusty Carter Scholarship for CFCC, 2016


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Courtney is a first-year student at Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) in downtown Wilmington, NC. She’s paying for college on her own, living on her own, working, and attending classes so she can pursue a dream she’s had since she was a young teenager.

When she was 13 years old, Courtney finally got the braces she needed to fix her smile and her world transformed.  She was so excited to get these braces and was fascinated by how they worked and in tracking the movement of her teeth.  She knew then that she wanted a career in the dental field so she could help make such a difference for other people.

Courtney is one of so many CFCC students who depend on financial help to pursue higher education and give themselves a better chance for a fulfilling career.  Many students qualify for Pell Grants but that doesn’t always cover all of their needs.  Most have no financial help from their families.  They need to work while taking classes and they have to seek financial help from other sources to bridge the gaps.

This is where the Rusty Carter Scholarship comes in.  Made up of donations from Atlantic Packaging employees and senior managers in honor of company owner, Rusty Carter, this scholarship fund is used by the college to help bridge those gaps for students and propel them to graduation.

Since 2010, over $24,000 has been donated to the fund, helping a total of 53 students and counting.

Courtney is a determined, resourceful student who took the reins of her own education.  Her willingness to work hard and to think strategically about her future made her an ideal candidate for the Rusty Carter Scholarship. We are proud to support her and we wish her all the best.

To donate online, visit and and in the comments section, add “Atlantic Packaging Scholarship.”

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