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At Atlantic Caribbean in the Dominican Republic, we work with businesses ranging from local farmers to international businesses in the Free Trade Zones.  Our distribution, inventory management, equipment, and full-service printing operation allows us to keep up with every type of company on the island.  And lets us build relationships that reveal valuable insight to success and longevity in business.

Through all our years of building relationships, we’ve found common traits in the formula for success. These include a mix of passion, ingenuity and dedication to the people, to the product, and to the process.

We recently visited with Balmoral, a world-class cigar manufacturer who fully exemplifies these traits. They are a customer in the free trade zone of San Pedro de Macoris and, as a brand of Royal Agio Cigars, they produce both machine-made cigars and custom crafted hand-rolled cigars for shipment around the world.

In talking with Francisco Batista, Factory Director, it was evident that the success and longevity of this business is a direct result of their commitment to the product, from start to finish.

Balmoral is vigilant in sourcing the best tobacco from around the world with the precise characteristics they want for creating a complex and unique range of cigars. Preparing and blending these raw materials is an art form that requires passion, creativity, and precision.  The people involved and the execution of this process are what set this product apart.

Presentation is Everything

Cigar makers at Balmoral are craftsmen creating luxury products with consistency.  The packaging and presentation of these products is critical, marking the first impression and setting up the customer for the experience that is to come.  Attention to detail in packaging results in a premium look and feel that matches the quality of the product.

We are proud to work with such an esteemed brand and superior operation in the Dominican Republic.  We wish them a long future of success.

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