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Pearson Bag Inserter

Spotlight on Pearson Bag Inserters

Atlantic has been working in the food processing industry for over 40 years, servicing our customers with materials, equipment, and service that helps keep your production running smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

Over all these decades, we’ve become experts in installing and servicing automated packaging equipment designed specifically for this industry.

In Our Spotlight on Equipment series, we wanted to share with you some of the machines that can make a tremendous difference in your packaging operation.

Today, our focus is on Pearson’s line of automated bag inserters.  Pearson is a trusted partner of ours and we recommend their equipment based on our own extensive experience working with them over the years. They are reliable, user-friendly, and get the job done.

Pearson Bag Inserters open, insert, and cuff plastic bags from roll stock into a wide variety of corrugated cases at speeds up to 18 cases per minute.

The machine uses a mandrel to drive the bag down inside the case and ensure it’s correctly inserted every time, with the proper outer bag cuff, so it maintains position during bulk loading and subsequent uncuffing / sealing.

As for materials, it requires pre-perforated & gusseted roll stock to ensure a consistent, quality seal every time with less machine maintenance and lower material costs.

Pearson’s User Centric Design is standard on these machines, with an optimized graphic and mechanical interface that assists operators and technicians to independently operate and maintain the equipment.

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This machine is on display and operational at Atlantic’s Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte, NC.  We invite you to schedule a time to visit the Center and see the Pearson bagger, as well as other machines that integrate with it to create a fully automated packing line.