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Marinated Poultry Automated Bagger

We have Your Solution for Automatically Bagging Fresh Marinated Poultry.

There are unique challenges when it comes to bagging marinated poultry cuts.  In particular, it’s difficult to remove air and get a clean seal when dealing with marinade and automated bagging equipment.

Introducing the Black Forest Vertical Form, Fill & Seal (VFFS) Machine. In addition to being IP65 rated and stainless steel washdown ready, this machine features squeeze rollers for clean seals, leak prevention, and air removal.

Here are some of the other features of the Black Forest VFFS machine from Atlantic:

  • Proven design for poultry operations
  • Stainless steel washdown sanitary execution
  • Continuous-motion servo-driven (8 servo drives/motors)
  • Squeeze rollers for clean seals, leak prevention, and air removal
  • Specially designed horizontal seal jaws for maximum seal integrity
  • Stainless steel overhead product catch tray
  • Powered film roll unwind
  • Stainless steel manual splice table
  • Automatic film tracking
  • Vacuum-assist film drive belts
  • Allen-Bradley PLC, HMI, servo drives, servo motors
The Black Forest VFFS automated bagger accommodates a range of poultry cuts from nuggets and tenders, to split breasts and uneven cuts.

See this machine in action:

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Download this PDF to learn more and contact Mark Bullard with Atlantic’s Food Processing Sales Team with any questions.