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Combi Washdown Ergopack System


For full end-of-line case packaging in washdown environments, the Combi Ergopack is the ideal system.  It combines a case erector, an ergonomic hand pack station, and a case sealer in a sanitary design perfect for processing facilities.

Atlantic has seen great success with this case packing station with our food processing customers.  Its stainless steel construction and ergonomic design ensures the safety of your product, your operation, and your employees.

Here’s what makes the Combi Ergopack such a great end-of-line packing station:

  • Washdown Ready – stainless steel materials are corrosion resistant and compatible with cleaning and sanitizing chemicals
  • Cleanable and Accessible – designed for easy access cleaning and inspection without the use of tools
  • Water Shedding Surfaces – covers are self-draining to ensure the product , water, or liquids do not accumulate or pool
  • No Hollow Areas or Niches – equipment is free of niches and and hollow areas and all welds are continuous
  • Hygenic Maintenance Enclosures – control panels are sloped or pitched and easily accessed for cleaning and sanitizing

Atlantic’s equipment specialists are experienced with the Combi Ergopack and can handle installation, implementation, and maintenance.

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When it comes to washdown-ready equipment for food processing environments, Atlantic has an expert sales, service, and equipment team in place to help you get what you need, when you need it.

Explore more features of the Ergopack in this video: