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In August 2017, Atlantic celebrated the Grand Opening of the Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte. This event marked an incredible feat of dedication to the outcome along with pure hard work. We measured success both in the scope of the testing and equipment we were introducing to the marketplace, and also in the actual building and completion of the facility.

The building process involved intensive planning, demolition, building, and installation of interior structure, finishes, and the testing and packaging equipment, all completed in a fast-track and condensed 4 month schedule.

Our building partner on the Packaging Solution Center, Choate Interior Construction Company, submitted the project to the American Builders and Contractors for the Carolinas and it was granted the Eagle Award for the Top Interior Project $5-$10M by that association.

To reach our goal of offering the most advanced packaging testing facility outside the academic field – and having a sophisticated building to match – we opted to have the existing lobby and exterior walls completely demolished and to start fresh with flat, level floors, a whole new structure, and a beautiful and welcoming front entrance.

We also had significant technical requirements for housing the TruMotion Transportation Simulator, a vibration rig installed several feet beneath the main floor and rising several feet above to test and refine load containment integrity.

Choate came through on all fronts, from reconstruction planning and scheduling, to handling a two month delay on an already tight timeline, to managing quality control and safety, and, ultimately, coming through to closeout the project with great success.

Since its opening, the Packaging Solution Center has served an important service for our customers and partners in the packaging industry. With our ability to simulate real-world transportation conditions in a lab environment with the TruMotion equipment, we help our customers optimize their load integrity to eliminate break, damage, and loss in transit.

Our full approach to stretch wrapping is our patented MUST Method and includes four critical components: audit, test, optimize, and monitor load integrity over the long term. With all of these pieces in place, our customers are confident that their loads are Fit2Ship, each and every time.

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