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How Consumer Demand for Variety Impacts Your Packaging


Years ago, retail and grocery shelves were pretty straightforward. Shoppers were presented with a selection that included many categories but relatively few varieties within each category.  Yogurt, for example, was a simple decision of choosing plain yogurt from one or two brands. Then we started to see flavored yogurt, fruit on the bottom, lots more brand-names emerging, whole milk or fat free, Greek yogurt, Icelandic yogurt, squeezable yogurt, probiotic yogurt, flip yogurts, and even more.  Brands are challenged to meet the demand for yogurt in a snack size containers, squeeze tubes, drinkable bottles, and larger bulk options.

These demands are forcing a greater variety of packaging – and packaging challenges – for the producers and manufacturers.

In addition to the variety of options within each category, another big shift we’ve seen is in the rise of superstores.  Producers and manufacturers used to have to stock small shops whereas now they have to fill the shelves at the big box stores and often with packages of greater quantities. This, together with the greater variety of products, changes the configurations and the ways they’re packing and shipping their products.

When it comes to end-of-line packaging and creating unit loads to be shipped out, companies are no longer shipping the same thing day after day.  Load stability and load dynamics that were once consistent are now needing multiple changeovers and equipment that’s flexible enough to accommodate these changeovers.

Aging stretch wrappers in particular can suffer from poor performance in the face of these new demands. With our MUST Method approach to stretch wrapping at Atlantic, we’re able to audit the performance of our customers’ stretch wrappers and make the adjustments necessary to bring this equipment up-to-date and able to successfully handle a variety of unit loads throughout the day.

Explore the Packaging Solution Center and contact us to schedule an appointment and see how we can help you meet the consumer demand for variety and flexibility.