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Take Your Packaging From Idea to Reality


When companies want to change up their packaging – whether it’s to create a new version of their product with the primary packaging or to reduce shipping costs by altering the secondary packaging – the risk in making this change without first knowing whether it will be successful is extremely high. 

Often, this element of risk prevents packaging changes from ever making it from the idea stage to reality.

You need to know without a doubt that your product will end up in the hands of your customers intact and at the price point you need to hit.

What if you could test your ideas from the first stages of design all the way to shipping unit loads to know for sure that your vision can actually work?

The key here is test – and we can help with that!

With the equipment we have at the Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte, we’re able to help you make the changes you want and make them successfully.  We work directly with management and marketing teams to understand their needs as well as the procurement and operations teams to understand their challenges and goals. 

The information we gather goes into a step-by-plan plan that will take us from design to implementation while meeting the critical goals of these different teams.

Give us a call to discuss any changes you need in your packaging and schedule a visit to the Packaging Solution Center to learn more about how our testing equipment can help you.