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Atlantic Caribbean in the Dominican Republic belongs to the Dominican Free Zone Association known as “Adozonas.”

Adozonas and the Dominican Council of Free Zones (CNZF) are working together to implement programs to help the local economy. One program that Atlantic is a part of right now is called the Cluster which recently held a meeting at the facilities of Atlantic Caribbean in Boca Chica (See: Clúster dominicano de dispositivos médicos fortalece relaciones con empresas locales).

The goal of the Cluster is to merge the Local and Free Zone industries together and to work as one country united – rather than as separate sectors – where all entities can benefit from one another.

With the Cluster, companies set up in the Dominican Republic, ether locally or as part of the Free Zone, have been able to do business in such a way that leaves as much money as possible in the local economy.

Before this initiative was implemented, many multinational companies installed in the Dominican Republic were purchasing supplies from corporately-authorized vendors in the USA, Asia or the EU.  This process caused greater cash flow issues as well as delays in production that held up the ability to deliver finished product to the end-user customer.

Now, as a result of this initiative, more local companies are becoming certified to be Free Zone suppliers and many Free Zone companies are buying as many products as possible locally.  This is speeding up the production process, improving customer satisfaction, and keeping cash flow within the Dominican Republic economy.

At Atlantic, we’ve seen great business opportunities and improvements as a result of working with the Cluster for the last three years. We’ve been successfully audited and have been able to gain a lot of new business, particularly in the medical sector.

Atlantic Caribbean prints labels, manufactures packaging products, distributes packaging materials, and sells and services packaging equipment.  If they might be a good match for your business, please contact us today.