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How to Adjust Packaging to Avoid Load Damage


Sometimes change comes from within.  And sometimes, it’s handed down from the top. 

When an executive decision is made to change the formula in end-of-line packaging, there are usually sound business and sustainability goals at the heart of it. Removing packaging components, reducing packaging materials, or switching to a new component or material may help save money or take effective steps toward sustainability (See: The Balancing Act of Cost, Performance & Sustainability), but they also may wreak havoc on a packaging system that’s been working nicely for years.  

When you enact these changes, especially if you haven’t had enough time to test your new packaging configuration, you may find that you suddenly have products damaged during shipping and returned orders when you never had that before.

This is one of the challenges we see from customers at the Packaging Solution Center. Fortunately, we can work with them to analyze their packaging conditions (equipment, materials, and process) and test their new configuration to find and verify a solution that works.  (See: Fit2Ship Testing Process Video).

To learn more about this testing, please schedule a visit to the Packaging Solution Center today.