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Why We Can’t Just Set It and Forget It


An ideal scenario with your end-of-line packaging operation would be to find a solution that works and stick to it.  And by “works” you need equipment that doesn’t fail and materials that can protect your product.  And all at the lowest possible cost.

Over ten years ago, we adopted a scientific approach to stretch wrapping to help our customers achieve this ideal scenario.  We brought in advanced packaging engineers with a focus on stretch wrapping application and scientists with a focus on resins and films.  We started Stretch University to bring our customers in and to help educate them on this approach. And we launched the MUST Monitoring hardware and software system to get real-world data on every load wrapped on the monitored stretch wrappers.

Then, in 2017, we brought all of this together and invested in a critical piece of the approach – the testing that could help us verify our solutions. With the TruMotion Transportation Simulator and Braking & Impact Sled we installed at the Packaging Solution Center, we’ve been able to pinpoint problems, test our approach, and verify solutions that provide successful load containment for our customers.

But with all the data we’ve collected over the years, and all the facilities we’ve visited, and all the customers we’ve worked so closely with, we’ve also learned that these solutions aren’t a permanent fix.  There’s no “set it and forget it” button we can press.

Products evolve and change. Packaging components change. Stretch wrappers get worn down.  New operators are hired.  Summer heat settles in at the warehouse.  So may factors affect your stretch wrapping operation.  

The truth is, stretch wrapping is a complex system that requires a complex solution. And that solution has to shift and evolve as the environment changes, or people change, or materials change.

The best way we can approach this ever-evolving scenario is to be there for you over time.  And we do this through our MUST Monitoring, engineering analysis on that monitoring data, on-site audits, and with our field technicians.  

There is no easy fix, no single solution.  However, with the right approach, the right tools, and the right people looking out for you, you can have a successful stretch wrapping operation that protects your products and your brand over the long term.

If you have questions about your stretch wrapping operation, or want to learn more about our testing and programs, reach out to us today to schedule a visit to the Packaging Solution Center and see how we can help.