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Wexxar WF30 Automatic Case Former


Wexxar’s WF30 case former is known as the most reliable machine of its type for processing environments. They have addressed common failure and jamming points with smart technology to maximize uptime and efficiency.

The WF30T model is a fully automatic, high speed tape sealing case former designed for precision, performance, and reliability. It has easy machine setup and case size change as well as convenient tape roll change.  Wexxar’s patented Pin & Dome system eliminates case jams you see with other machines so that the 30 case/minute rate is consistent and productive.

The WF30 Case Former has a couple new features to make operation, maintenance, and upkeep easier and more convenient. It has a remote start/stop station for operation from the case loading area at the rear of the machine.  And it has a single door (rather than a bi-fold door) for easier and greater access to the internal forming section of the machine.  On-machine instructions walk the operator through changeovers from one size case to another.

Here are some other key performance features of the Wexxar WF30 Case Former:

  • Pin & Dome Case Opening Technology – delivers industry leading control and reliability for high speed case forming
  • Flex Speed and Remote Demand – provides speed ranges which can be catered to each case size or style
  • User-friendly Touch Screen – controls and monitor the machine
  • Fully Interlocked Guard Doors – allow easy and safe machine access during set-up and maintenance
  • Tilt-out Tape Head – allows for quick and easy tape roll changes
  • Tool-less, Color Coded Size Changeover in Under 7 Minutes – with user-friendly on machine pictorial guides

Our customers who have switched to the WF30 case former have seen improvements in uptime and ease-of-use.  If you have questions or want to learn more about this system, please contact Mark Bullard at 910-398-6114.