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How to Eliminate Strapping


We’ve talked a lot in our Packaging Insights series about sustainability and the goal to reduce the amount of materials used in packaging.  Companies are looking to lower costs, reduce waste, and improve efficiency.

To help achieve this goal, we’ve worked with many customers who are looking to eliminate strapping. 

We typically see strapping used in combination with stretch wrapping to secure loads.  So, if you’re going to eliminate strapping entirely, the stretch wrapping that was previously doing 50% of the work will now be doing 100% of the work to secure the unit load. It stands to reason, then, that the existing stretch film, equipment, and setup you have won’t be sufficient to handle this increased burden.

With the testing we’re doing at the Packaging Solution Center, we can look at the real life situation of eliminating your strapping and tell you exactly what it will take in terms of type of film, application of film, and equipment settings an the overall success you can expect.

Our mission is to give you a proven solution and implementation that will result in you having an even more secure unit load moving forward.

To learn more, schedule a visit to the Packaging Solution Center today.