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Managing the Cost of Load Stability


When we talk about managing the costs of load stability, we’re talking about managing the aspects of pricing, effectiveness, and sustainability. These are all important factors in the equation of the load (See: The Balancing Act of Cost, Performance & Sustainability).

It’s always in accordance with smart business goals to keep material costs low. Now we have to find a way to do that while still delivering an effective product.  In this case, that means designing and implementing a stretch wrap solution that contains and protects the product without incurring any damage during transit or storage.  And, if we can do that by using the minimal amount of material, then we’re helping to hit sustainability goals as well.

By working toward these goals simultaneously, everyone in your organization – from executives to procurement and operations – is on board and confident that they’re getting the best possible solution at the best possible cost. Everybody wins. 

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