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Power of Our People. 

There are countless factors that have contributed to the longevity and success of Atlantic Packaging as a company.  But ask anyone here and you’ll learn that the true, underlying secret to this success is our people.

With a top-down approach that models hard work, innovation, and integrity, Atlantic has taken the packaging industry into a whole new era. Our approach is technical and scientific, led by the brightest minds in packaging, and is supported by over a thousand employees who bring their talent and their dedication to work everyday.

A shining example of this talent, hard work, and dedication is Jeremy Spencer, Atlantic’s first west coast remote representative.  Jeremy and Atlantic both took on a big risk in 2014 by introducing this historically southern company to major industries in cities along the west coast. But Atlantic knew Jeremy was the person to do this. And Jeremy knew Atlantic was the company with the resources and the hustle to make it happen.

Heart & Hustle

Jeremy recently sat down with Darren Doane – an acclaimed filmmaker and now a podcaster with a mission to tell stories of people getting it done – to tell his own story of how he has found great success.

What you’ll hear in this podcast is a story of small beginnings, big dreams, difficult setbacks, valuable lessons, and, above all, the heart and hustle that drove Jeremy forward and got him to where he is today.

We are honored to have Jeremy on board with us at Atlantic, bringing his drive and his genuine belief in Atlantic’s mission to our customers out west.

Learn more about Altantic’s MUST Method Approach to Stretch Wrapping here: