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Coke Consolidated Quality Team at the Packaging Solution Center

We were proud to host the Coke Consolidated Quality Team recently at our Packaging Solution Center for the team’s bi-annual meeting.

Coke Consolidated is a valued customer and is headquartered right here in Charlotte, NC. They are the largest independent Coca-Cola bottler in the U.S. and the Quality Team is responsible for overseeing quality and food safety for their products and operation.

Preventing Damage

Coke Consolidated has been a customer of our MUST Stretch Management Program to help ensure that full pallets of product leaving the plants arrive safely and intact at their destination.  With the investment that the Quality Team puts into their product and their process, it’s critical that they prevent damage from occurring once the product leaves the plant.  Damage during transit and storage is preventable with the right stretch wrapping film, application, equipment, and monitoring. That’s exactly what our MUST Program helps achieve.

Atlantic’s experts work closely with Coke Consolidated using the MUST Method to audit existing conditions; test for potential improvements; optimize equipment, process, and application; and then monitor for sustained optimization.

Testing & Monitoring

Every step of the MUST Method is important to the success of the overall stretch wrapping operation. When the Coke Consolidated Quality Team met at the Solution Center, they all got to see our TruMotion testing equipment up-close to get a better understanding of the insights we can gather and share about their stretch wrapping performance.

They also took a deep dive into the functionality of the MUST Monitoring software they have access to as part of this program.  By monitoring the activity of their stretch wrappers, they can see the overall health of their systems as well as where and how any activity is out of spec.

Packaging Sustainability

In addition to all this data on their stretch wrapping operation, the Quality Team at Coke Consolidated also got to see how their actions are impacting their sustainability goals.  The experts with our MUST Stretch Management Program advocate for using high performance stretch film with the optimal application so, in effect, they are using less stretch film while also preventing product damage.

Both of these factors have a significant positive impact on packaging sustainability and move them closer to their goals as part of Coca-Cola’s World Without Waste Initiative for packaging sustainability.

See: How to Use Less Stretch Film for Better Sustainability

Thank you to Coke Consolidated for trusting Atlantic to host your Quality Team meeting at the Packaging Solution Center.  We enjoyed having you for the day and we’re excited to continue working with you for a highly successful packaging operation.