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IPPE 2020 Recap

Every year, we attend IPPE (International Production & Processing Expo) and we were back this year representing Atlantic with the equipment, materials, service, and the problem-solving expertise we offer to the protein industry.

As we work with our customers year after year, we’ve been able to develop a solid Protein Packaging Program built on quality, reliability, and expertise. This program has had great success in bringing our customers both costs savings and production efficiency.

This program has also brought us closer to our customers and has helped us to better understand their needs. Our service technicians are inside customer plants, installing and troubleshooting packaging equipment to make it work better for their specific operation. Our specialists are there helping to match materials with equipment and to optimize application.

Through all of this, we’re always learning about new challenges our customers are facing as well as new trends in the industry.  This motivates us to bring new ideas and to help them stay ahead of the game.

Our culture at Atlantic is simple. We take care of our customer.

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