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Packaging Solution Center Featured in Walls & Ceilings Magazine

Built in 2017, our Packaging Solution Center was designed with a balance of form and function.

We wanted the Center to reflect our investment in advanced technology and our modern, technical approach to packaging.  It was built functionally to house our TruMotion testing equipment as well as our MUST stretch wrapper, Film Lab, E-Commerce Fulfillment Line, automated end-of-line packaging integrations, and other equipment including shrink tunnels and a horizontal ring wrapper.

But it was also built to be a Center where customers, vendors, researchers, and others in the industry could gather to learn, share ideas, see results, and make real changes that impact the way we approach packaging in today’s complex landscape.

We are proud to see this vision come to light every time we start a new tour, bring a customer in to view new test results (See: Kitchen Cabinet Distributors), or host partners and customers as a central meeting and learning space (See: Coke Consolidated Quality Team Meeting).

As a matter of form, we put a lot of thought and planning into how the space would look and feel, how it would flow, and how it would visually and stylistically match our vision.  As a result of this thought and planning, the Solution Center won the Eagle Award for the Top Interior Project $5-$10M  by the American Builders and Contractors for the Carolinas.

And now, we’re excited to see the Solution Center featured in Walls & Ceilings Magazine for the very special ceiling we designed and installed in the showroom.

Undulating Ceiling Adds Aesthetics and Acoustics
Ceiling Provides Visual Impact and Sound Absorption While Maintaining Look of Existing Exposed Structure

This feature discusses the importance of the ceiling in providing proper acoustics so we can easily communicate with customers while in the facility. It also discusses its role in creating a space that feels clean and bright while remaining open, industrial and visually and thematically interesting.

Thank you to Walls & Ceilings Magazine for featuring the Packaging Solution Center and for bringing attention to the level of detail and strategy that went into our ceiling design.

Questions?  Want to see it for yourself?  Schedule a tour of the Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte, NC today!