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Companies around the world are having to adapt to the new reality of life and business in the time of COVID-19.  The Greater Wilmington Business Journal recently profiled companies who are making adjustments in the workplace in response to this pandemic.  Atlantic Packaging and our President, Wes Carter, are featured here discussing the measures we’re taking and the importance of evaluating, re-evaluating, and implementing health and safety protocols necessary to keep our part of the national supply chain up and running.

We have manufacturing operations that are critical to this supply chain as well as warehousing and distribution networks that need to stay moving. With 1,200 employees across the company and across a vast geographic region, Atlantic management has prioritized the protection of our people using clear, actionable communications to respond as conditions relating to the pandemic evolve.

“The consumer goods supply chain is complex and critical to every American. We are a part of that supply chain and take our responsibility to its effective functioning very seriously,” Carter said. “That begins with doing our utmost to protect our people, communicating clearly to our own organization and customers, staying calm and taking action to get prepared to respond quickly to an ever-evolving situation.”

Atlantic supplies the packaging materials and equipment needs for many major consumer product manufacturers, including those that make items necessary during this global crisis such as towels and tissue, food, beverage, and medical and cleaning supplies. Our ability to keep up our part in the packaging supply chain helps those manufacturers get their product to distribution centers and stores for consumers.

“We feel very confident at this point that we will remain in operation,” Carter said. “I don’t foresee us having any interruption in service at all, but we’ve had to be relatively aggressive on the front of this thing out of a high level of responsibility to our customers and the general public.”

You can see more about our response to the COVID-19 crisis here and read the full GWBJ article here.