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Spotlight on the Combo Bin Wrapper

Our team of sales people, consultants, and equipment technicians have been working in protein processing facilities for over 40 years collectively.

When you’re operating in a time of high demand and production, you need a special focus on efficiency.

Our ability to see your operations firsthand, from the equipment you’re using, to your setup, the materials you’re using, and the workflow of your operators and employees, helps us to understand how we can help improve efficiency.  We can see when you’re having to compromise and use workarounds because your equipment or setup isn’t exactly right for what you need.

It was exactly those kinds of observations that led us to design, develop, and build the Combo Wrapper.

When you have a Combo PAC bulk bin that doesn’t exactly fit the area of your pallet, you may have to use excess labor and materials to attempt to successfully contain and protect that bin and the products inside.  This is both inefficient and costly in terms of time, materials, and product protection.  It could also be detrimental to your workers by exposing them to repetitive, non-ergonomic movements.

Atlantic’s Combo Wrapper solves all these issues.  It’s designed to be a simple solution that will meet your exact needs for a semi-automatic stretch wrapper with a small footprint in the size and shape you need to wrap your Combo PAC bulk bins efficiently.

The result is a stretch wrapper that provides consistent load containment with improved product presentation and vastly improved workplace ergonomics.

To learn more about our Combo Wrapper or to find out about our other Poultry Packaging solutions, contact Mark Bullard today at 910-620-7717 or email