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Wes Carter and A New Earth Project are on a mission to stop plastic pollution in our oceans.

The Plastic Problem

Researchers have found that more than 8 billion metric tons of plastic have been made since the 1950s and, because plastic does not degrade, most of that is still in the environment.  A study in Science Magazine tells us that approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean annually.

Plastic in the ocean causes great harm to wildlife and marine life. These animals ingest plastic when they either mistake it for food or swallow it in the form of microplastics. This degrades the  health and wellbeing of the animals directly and contaminates our seafood, affecting our own health.

Plastic in the ocean also disrupts ecosystems and introduces invasive species.  Organisms who make a home on floating plastic debris can be carried from their native waters to another part of the world entirely.

Single use plastics – like plastics used in packaging – are a top concern, making up 50% of the plastic waste produced yearly.

The Solutions Have to Start Now

The plastic pollution problem is one that needs answers now. And one of the best ways to begin this difficult journey is by spreading awareness of the problem. Then we can identify the people, the organizations, and the industries in positions of influence – like the packaging industry – and start making changes that will reverse the trends that have been projected for ocean plastic pollution in the near future.

With a groundswell of genuine environmental concern building across the globe, consumers are more willing than ever to support the brands who are making a difference.

Fishbone is the recyclable can carrier system designed to replace single use plastics in the beverage industry

A New Earth

A New Earth Project was created as a partnership between surfers, the true ambassadors of the oceans, and the packaging supply chain to first, raise awareness of this global problem, but most importantly to fix this problem: clean our oceans and end the scourge of plastic waste.

The surfing community is the catalyst to get this message to the masses, to raise global awareness. And as the largest, privately-owned industrial packaging company in North America, Atlantic Packaging is in a unique position to help influence the packaging supply chain. These are the makers of packaging, the distributors of packaging, and the users of packaging.

We do this together. We do this now. Visit to learn more.

A New Earth Project was created to spread awareness of the plastic pollution problem and instigate change in the packaging supply chain

We are thankful to the Post and Courier for covering A New Earth Project and Atlantic President, Wes Carter, in the fight to clean up our world’s oceans and prevent pollution from single-use plastic. Read the full article here: Charleston business owner starts project to rid oceans of plastic pollution

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