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For more than 40 years Brita has been the leader in home water filter systems. The company has empowered a more sustainable lifestyle providing consumers better options to avoid single-use plastic bottles. But Brita also wanted to develop a direct competitor to single-use bottles. It’s a challenge they spent years perfecting and skimping on packaging wasn’t an option.

Forbes recently published an article outlining Brita’s new reusable aluminum water bottles as the solution to eliminate single-use plastic bottles. You won’t find an ounce of plastic in the four and six-packs of Brita Water, and the carrier system is Atlantic Packaging’s customizable and completely paper-based curbside recyclable Fishbone system.

Sustainability is gaining momentum. As the article points out, more and more consumers are actively seeking out sustainable packaging and avoiding products with environmentally harmful packaging.

Creating sustainable products and packaging requires significantly more innovation and testing. It’s a challenge Brita and Atlantic were up for. Brita Water bottles are 100% aluminum (even the cap) which was technically challenging to create. And to bring Brita Water packaging to scale, Atlantic needed to find the right equipment to apply Fishbone carriers at high speed and volume. That’s where Serpa Packaging Solutions came in, manufacturing the high-end equipment (see the BCF-100 in action) needed to offer a solution where these carriers can be manufactured at any size and scale.

Big (and new) ideas are certainly a team effort – one we’re proud to be a part of. Like Jennifer Brooks, president of B Water & Beverages, said, “We’re not just selling water; we’re selling a solution that is an alternative to single-use plastic.”

Read the full Forbes article here: Will Brita’s New Reusable Aluminum Water Bottles Displace Single-Use Plastic?

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