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Visit from the President of the Dominican Republic


On Tuesday, November 30th 2021, the President of the Dominican Republic, Sr. Luis Abinader, made an official visit to Atlantic Caribbean in Boca Chica. He toured the facility and met with Atlantic Packaing President, Wes Carter, the regional vice president, Sebastian Tine and the regional director, Yajaira Girón.

The visit from the President commemorated the start of the construction of the second stage of the Atlantic Corporation industrial park in the Excel Boca Chica free zone. This expansion represents an investment of more than $15 million and will generate 350 specialized jobs in the area.

Sr. Luis Abinader spoke with Wes Carter and discussed education, infrastructure and sustainability.

As the world navigates global supply chain issues and companies are acutely focused on the carbon footprint of materials to make and package their products, manufacturing in close proximity to consumers is becoming a priority. The Dominican Republic is an incredible country and is doing amazing work to help companies “near shore” their operations.

Presidente Luis Abinader is making the investments and commitments to create healthy partnerships. Thank you for your vision, señor Luis!

— Atlantic Packaging President, Wes Carter


Thank you to the President and his team for spending such valuable time with our company in Boca Chica and shining on a light on the importance of these partnerships for success.

This visit was covered widely in the media.  You can see two news stories here: