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Panoramic Doors has created a unique folding patio door with their patented Slide-n-Pivot hinge-free panel design for easier operation. Their signature product is an innovative mix of a sliding patio door and a folding panel door, custom made and offering a highly desirable solution for transitioning from indoors to outdoors.

The Challenge

Because Panoramic Doors’ panels are large and heavy but also fragile, they pose a real challenge when it comes to shipping them efficiently and effectively. The aesthetics of the panels are a critical factor when it comes to the final, installed product. Any damage to the panels or the glass during transit could instantly affect all the hard work and customization that went into the planning, production, and care in making the product.

Shipping Damage

Even though Panoramic Doors was shipping their panels in large wooden crates using foam as added protective packaging, they were still experiencing shipping damage. This was a major challenge for Panoramic Doors because damaged product has serious implications on cost, labor, waste, and brand reputation.

In working with Justin Bair at Atlantic Packaging, they expressed their concern about shipping damage and were open to changing up their packaging completely.

Custom Packaging – Can One Size Fit All?

One of the challenges we faced in coming up with a new packaging design – in addition to the fact that the panels are large, heavy, and fragile – is that they are also custom made for each order so each box needs to be custom for that size.

Justin worked with Atlantic’s in-house packaging engineers who came up with a fully corrugated package design. This design accounts for the custom sizing by using a telescoping box. This streamlines the packaging by eliminating SKUs so Panoramic Doors only has to buy one size box that fits every one of their products.

Unexpected Benefits!

In switching to a fully corrugate package, Panoramic Doors vastly improved their packaging aesthetics. They moved from a heavy wooden crate to a simple brown box that’s clean, neat, and is even branded with their logo. This helps to improve their own brand reputation while improving the customer experience of receiving the package

Another advantage to changing to all corrugate is that their packaging is fully curbside recyclable. This is a major win for sustainability and another win for the customer experience.

We were honored to work with Panoramic Doors on this packaging challenge. We’re especially honored to know that their story of change has been a big success, not only in their original goal of eliminating shipping damage, but also in meeting sustainability goals and in improving their customer experience.