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Bring Atlantic Your Direct-to-Consumer Packaging Challenges – The Surf Industry

Businesses that want to reenvision their brand experience as it relates to unboxing know where to go, Atlantic Packaging’s Solution Center. Packaging doesn’t just protect products. Packaging is a brand attribute. Companies are investing heavily in creating a unique vibe that brings their brand’s culture straight to the customer’s doorstep. Atlantic provides custom, sustainable business-to-consumer packaging that inspires loyalty during the unboxing process, and gives customers peace of mind that the packaging they receive will not harm the planet.

In the video above, Kyle Pischel, Director of Atlantic Packaging’s Solution Center, unboxes five surfboards packaged in non-curbside recyclable materials and shows how these products can be packaged in functional, fiber-based packaging. Sustainable packaging is ideal for outdoor brands because of their eco-conscious customers. Direct-to-consumer packaging has a high likelihood of leaking into the environment, so using biodegradable packaging materials prevents environmental harm.

Plastic pollution is detrimental to the surfing community and the environment. Atlantic’s A New Earth Project initiative aims to rid the world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers of plastic pollution by providing businesses sustainable, 100% curbside recyclable direct-to-consumer packaging.