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Jake Wyns Puts the World’s Largest Brands to the Test!

Jake Wyns manages day-to-day testing operations at Atlantic Packaging’s Solution Center, an International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) packaging testing lab where the world’s largest brands put their products and packaging… to the test!

Atlantic’s Solution Center has the most advanced testing capabilities in the packaging industry. Its TruMotion Multi-Degree of Freedom Vibration Table, Horizontal Impact Test Sled, Compression Tester, and Environmental Test Chamber create real world transit conditions in accordance with ISTA protocols designed to scientifically test packaging. Shipping routes are tracked and replicated with power spectral density (PSD) random vibration profiles specific to the customer. Atlantic also has its own testing procedures that focus on unit load stability. All of this testing is managed by Jake!

The Solution Center has recently expanded its testing capabilities into corrugated design and paper-based testing. With the recent acquisition of a computer-aided design (CAD) table, Jake and his team design, cut, and create corrugated trays and tier sheets for any customer need.

Product damage is damage to your brand’s reputation. Jake ensures every organization that walks through the Solution Center’s doors knows exactly how their product, packaging, and brand will be impacted by the shipping process.

Since opening in 2017, over 150 unique customers have visited the Solution Center for testing and consulting. Jake has worked with representatives of nearly every type of manufacturer imaginable. These customers know that Jake will conduct rigorous load testing and load optimization procedures to provide them the information they need to better their packaging performance. Research and development, packaging material reduction, and product damage reduction are common goals for businesses visiting the Solution Center.

• Over 3,000 hours of vibration testing have been conducted on over 1,500 loads of product.
• Over 11,000 horizontal impacts for both stability and shock events have been conducted.

Jake has been working at Atlantic Packaging since 2016. His primary concentration of research revolves around stretch film material property testing, distribution testing, and unit load optimization. He can tell any business the ideal stretch film for their specific use case because he has tested virtually every stretch film type and gauge on Atlantic’s Highlight Transportable Test Pallet and FPT-750.

Jake’s passion for what he does stems from his ability to help Atlantic’s partners achieve their unit load optimization and sustainability goals. Unit load optimization consists of reducing excess material and preventing product damage. Sustainability goals can often be met by switching to a 100% curbside recyclable packaging alternative or by reducing overall material use.

Atlantic Packaging’s Solution Center encourages businesses to bring them their most difficult packaging challenges. Jake and the lab techs are ready to solve them!