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Atlantic Presented Pregis Inspyre Award, Providing 100+ Access to Clean Drinking Water

We’re proud to receive the 2023 Pregis Inspyre Award for our role in providing over 100 people access to clean drinking water through the Uzima Clean Water Mission. This honor reflects our collective sustainability efforts and the vital role of our valued customers in achieving this success.

Join the Fight
When our partners protect their products with Pregis’ Inspyre™ packaging, 1% percent of all Inspyre sales are donated to Uzima Clean Water Mission, a non-profit that helps fight water insecurities through filtration systems.

Pregis Inspyre™ Custom Paper Packaging

Inspyre™ is a void-fill solution for businesses that are interested in protecting their products with memorable custom-branded tissue paper. This packaging is sure to assist in providing an unforgettable unboxing experience for your customers. In addition to it being made from paper, a renewable resource, the added social benefit of utilizing this product makes it a great resource for your packaging operation.

We are proud to provide our partners with this fiber-based packaging solution as it is uniquely aligned with our sustainability aims at A New Earth Project, Atlantic’s sustainability initiative. A New Earth Project’s mission is to rid the world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers of plastic pollution through providing sustainable direct-to-consumer packaging solutions, legislative outreach, and inspiring organizations to engage with more sustainable business practices.

Did you know:

  • Water insecurity impacts 1 in every 9 people worldwide, causes waterborne illness, and creates a perpetual cycle of poverty.
  • One Uzima filter provides clean water to a family of 6 to10 people. Access to clean water saves on medical expenses, improves school attendance, and empowers women, no longer burdened with water collection, to build a better life.

About the Clean Water Mission
Uzima is a non-profit that provides life-changing water filters to communities facing water scarcity. Uzima dedicates every day to eradicating waterborne disease, improving economic conditions, advancing gender equality, and improving the quality of life among the world’s most vulnerable communities. And it all starts with clean water.

Reach out to your local representative to learn more about Pregis Inspyre™ products.