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Atlantic Receives Pregis Preserve Award, Saving Over 2,500 Trees from Harvest

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been recognized with the Pregis Preserve Award, celebrating our shared dedication to sustainability and the health of our planet. This honor reflects not only our efforts but the vital role of our valued partners in achieving this success.

In 2023, we helped save over 2,500 trees with Pregis Easypack® 100% recycled paper. This collective action prevented unnecessary deforestation and demonstrated our dedication to building a more sustainable future.

Easypack® On-Demand Paper

Easypack® is a sustainable solution for cushioning, blocking and bracing, and void fill. Packaging operations that use Easypack® can take pride in using an eco-friendly, recycled material that doesn’t contribute to unnecessary tree harvesting.

We are proud to provide packaging programs that improve circularity in the supply chain. Reusing materials to create recycled products is great for sustainability goals and critical to the future of the packaging industry.









Why Every Tree Counts
Forests are crucial for a healthy planet. Each tree saved contributes to fighting climate change, improving air and water quality, and preserving habitats for countless species.

Join Us in Making a Difference
Our journey toward sustainability is ongoing, and every step you take with us paves the way for a brighter future. By opting for sustainable solutions like Easypack® 100% recycled paper, we are collectively working toward a more sustainable world for future generations.

Reach out to your local representative to learn more about how you can help protect our planet through sustainable solutions.