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Creating a Circular Cold Chain With Wild Idea Buffalo and Cruz Foam

On our journey to create a more circular supply chain, we’ve discovered many amazing brands that share our commitment to sustainable business practices.

Wild Idea Buffalo is a company that is working to regenerate the North American prairie through restoring the buffalo population with the goal of improving the natural environment and food systems. The multi-generational family business was founded in 1997 by Dan O’Brien, an endangered species biologist, and offers 100% grass-fed, grass-finished, and humanely field-harvested buffalo meat and leather goods.

“You have to have passion in order to make those right decisions when it comes to product quality, animal welfare, and of course the environment,” said Jilian Jones of Wild Idea Buffalo. “If you don’t have that passion, then I don’t know how you can make the right decisions for future generations.”

We find ourselves uniquely aligned with organizations that don’t just sell products to customers but have a higher mission relating to environmental conservation. At A New Earth Project, our sustainability initiative, we aim to create a packaging supply chain that rids the world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers of single-use plastic pollution.

When Wild Idea Buffalo had the opportunity to evaluate their shipping materials to ensure they upheld their company ethos all the way through their supply chain, they looked at a variety of factors in terms of performance, sustainability, and appearance. We are thrilled to have introduced the organization to Cruz Cool, a sustainable cold-chain cooler made of 70% upcycled material.

“We’re all aware that some of these coolers out there are just, they’re not good,” said Jason Jackson of Atlantic Packaging. “They’re going to outlive our kids. They may never disappear in a landfill, or God forbid they escape a trash truck or a boat. It’s very harmful to the environment. Having something that is earth digestible like this is amazing. To have a product that is all of that but is also a strong, reliable product is clutch.”

Cruz Foam is a business that plays its part in the circular economy by diverting food waste from landfills and creating sustainable bio-based foam. This foam has been tested and verified as high-performance protective packaging with insulative qualities for cold-chain applications, making it a versatile alternative to traditional EPS foam.

Cruz Cool is a premium cold-chain shipping cooler that provides cushioning and over 48 hours of thermal protection to perishable goods as they make their way from business facilities to customer doors. It’s the perfect packaging solution for sustainably minded meal-kit companies or organizations that ship high-quality meats, seafood, produce, or ingredients.

“You could just tell that it was durable, like the integrity was there,” said Jilian. “Right away, you could tell that this was going to hold up because we’re shipping boxes via FedEx, UPS, and you don’t know how those packages are handled. Those poor guys are slinging millions of boxes on a truck, and they’re not delicately placing it, so you could tell that it was definitely going to hold up for the transit time.”

Today, all Wild Idea Buffalo orders are shipping in Cruz Cool boxes!

We are thrilled that Cruz Cool not only matches but exceeds the performance of existing cold-chain shippers made from EPS foam while significantly minimizing environmental impact. The synergy between our organization, Cruz Foam, and Wild Idea Buffalo and our mutual commitments to the conservation of natural landscapes and wildlife truly mark a significant achievement in creating a more circular economy.