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Saying Good-Bye to a Beloved Friend & Employee

Saying Good-Bye to a Beloved Friend & Employee

One of our longest serving and most loyal employees, Dwane Hammond of Tabor City, North Carolina, died tragically Sunday afternoon, June 12th, 2020.

Dwane was a wonderful person and an asset to our company; he has been a friend to so many for so long. The Hammond family is part of our history and our unique fabric.  Dwane has managed our Tabor City warehouse operations for over 35 years of his 42 years with Atlantic and supported virtually every branch. He was honored for 40 years of service only a short time ago.

On Wednesday, July 15th, employees of Atlantic lined both sides of 5th Street in Tabor City as the procession from the funeral home passed by to honor our dear friend and coworker and to show our support for his family.

Dwane was one of our finest and such a true friend to so many.

Dwane Hammond
1957 – 2020
Forever Missed, Never Forgotten.

Dwane Hammond and Family

Essential Operations at Atlantic Caribbean

Essential Operations at Atlantic Caribbean

Atlantic Caribbean is the Dominican Republic branch of US-headquartered Atlantic Packaging. Based in the Free Trade Zone in Boca Chica, Atlantic Caribbean produces a broad range of packaging and converted paper products, including essential materials for the food, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries. The facility maintains an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification, making it a specialized manufacturer for products that require specific standards for safety and cleanliness.

As quarantine procedures began in March in response to the COVID-19 virus, Atlantic Caribbean took precautions to ensure the facility and workforce would remain safe and able to continue producing the critical medical and food supply packaging needed to keep the supply chain running.

Regional Director, Yajira Giron, also welcomed support from The Dominican Association of Free Zones (ADOZONA), the National Council of Free Export Zones (CNZFE), and the Dominican government for helping Atlantic maintain its essential production operations. “The FASE plan implemented by the government has really helped industry, helped us reduce the concerns of the whole sector, of the employees, their homes, and how to help them,” said Giron.

Rodriguez Marchena Shares News about Atlantic Caribbean

Beyond supplying needed protective packaging for producers, Atlantic Caribbean used its supply infrastructure to help distribute Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like masks and gowns to employees and their families, as well as members of their local community who needed the gear to stay safe. These distribution drives are the most recent example of the deep community involvement and investment from Atlantic Caribbean. (See: Atlantic Caribbean Serving in the Community.)

While many businesses explore how to safely resume their daily operations, Atlantic Caribbean acts as a case study of best practices to keep employees and surrounding areas safe while still conducting business. ADOZONA, CNZFE, and the government of the Dominican Republic make it possible to operate safely and keep essential products moving to distributors and consumers throughout the Caribbean.

Thanks to the FASE plan, significant uncertainty about worker security was reduced, and Atlantic Caribbean has been able to serve critical manufacturers reliably throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Atlantic Caribbean Serving in the Community

Atlantic Caribbean Serving in the Community

Atlantic Caribbean is giving back to their community in need

The pandemic is causing hard times for people and communities around the globe, especially for vulnerable populations.  The US News and World Report reports that “the Dominican Republic has been the Caribbean nation hardest hit by the pandemic so far” with “more than 8,400 cases of and 350 deaths caused by COVID-19, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins University.”*

There is an effort throughout the country to mobilize relief efforts at the local level with the belief that working with a bottom-up approach will more quickly and efficiently bring about the help people need.  With the right measures, this may also help to ease the spread of the virus.

Atlantic Caribbean has been deemed an essential business, engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of key packaging materials for the pharmaceutical, food, and medical devices industries – all critical products and services in the time of COVID-19 worldwide.   As such, Atlantic Caribbean has stayed in operation even as other businesses had to close their doors (See: Free zones company clarifies work with responsibility against Covid-19).

Recognizing that their access to resources could be of help and service to their local community, Atlantic Caribbean got to work addressing immediate needs where they could. They help the church next door to their facility by providing protective supplies including gloves, sanitizer, and masks for the priest and church workers. They provide these supplies for the local police as well, as pictured here.

Atlantic Caribbean Community Service

When a local woman took in vulnerable children in need, even while she had her own real needs as well, Atlantic Caribbean saw how they could help her run her homeschool.  They provide protective supplies to help keep them safe and food to keep them strong and healthy.

Sales Manager and company representative, Yajaira Giron, commented:

“We are working with our community and helping those in more need and who are vulnerable…We are trying to help as much as we can! These are very hard times specially for children and vulnerable people.”

Thank you to everyone at Atlantic Caribbean for stepping in and helping where and when you can.  It makes a real difference for your company, your community, and beyond.

*Source: The Dominican Republic Responds to COVID-19 Locally

Atlantic Adapts to New Realities

Atlantic Adapts to New Realities


Companies around the world are having to adapt to the new reality of life and business in the time of COVID-19.  The Greater Wilmington Business Journal recently profiled companies who are making adjustments in the workplace in response to this pandemic.  Atlantic Packaging and our President, Wes Carter, are featured here discussing the measures we’re taking and the importance of evaluating, re-evaluating, and implementing health and safety protocols necessary to keep our part of the national supply chain up and running.

We have manufacturing operations that are critical to this supply chain as well as warehousing and distribution networks that need to stay moving. With 1,200 employees across the company and across a vast geographic region, Atlantic management has prioritized the protection of our people using clear, actionable communications to respond as conditions relating to the pandemic evolve.

“The consumer goods supply chain is complex and critical to every American. We are a part of that supply chain and take our responsibility to its effective functioning very seriously,” Carter said. “That begins with doing our utmost to protect our people, communicating clearly to our own organization and customers, staying calm and taking action to get prepared to respond quickly to an ever-evolving situation.”

Atlantic supplies the packaging materials and equipment needs for many major consumer product manufacturers, including those that make items necessary during this global crisis such as towels and tissue, food, beverage, and medical and cleaning supplies. Our ability to keep up our part in the packaging supply chain helps those manufacturers get their product to distribution centers and stores for consumers.

“We feel very confident at this point that we will remain in operation,” Carter said. “I don’t foresee us having any interruption in service at all, but we’ve had to be relatively aggressive on the front of this thing out of a high level of responsibility to our customers and the general public.”

You can see more about our response to the COVID-19 crisis here and read the full GWBJ article here.


Dominican Council of Free Zones Visits Atlantic Caribbean

Dominican Council of Free Zones Visits Atlantic Caribbean

The National Council of Free Zones in the Dominican Republic (See: Consejo Nacional de Zonas Francas de Exportación) toured the facilities at Atlantic Caribbean earlier this month.  This Council is a government agency tasked with promoting and developing the free zone sector in the country.

During their visit, the Council got an inside look at Atlantic operations in Boca Chica, including our warehousing and inventory management as well as our manufacturing, printing, and converting operations.

Here’s what the Council posted on their Instagram account about their visit:

Today we were touring the facilities of the #ZonasFrancas @atlanticpkg company in Boca Chica, to learn about the packaging process, integrated logistics, as well as the diversity of production in its services.

Atlantic-Caribbean Packaging has about 320 employees, residents of the community. .
☑️Packaging services.
☑️ Main suppliers of varied products to national and international companies.

Thank you to the National Council of Free Zones for your visit and for your continued support of our work here in the Dominican Republic.

Atlantic Packaging Acquires Coastal Corrugated Custom Packaging Solutions in Charleston, SC

Atlantic Packaging Acquires Coastal Corrugated Custom Packaging Solutions in Charleston, SC

UPDATED February 28, 2020

UPDATE February 28, 2020: Atlantic now offers custom corrugated protective packaging ideal for automotive, e-commerce, and large-format corrugated packaging. In the video above ⬆️ see how we bring value to the marketplace with Atlantic Custom Corrugated.

See also: Atlantic Acquires Coastal Corrugated in Charleston, SC on PRNewswire

Wilmington, NC – February 17, 2020 – Wes Carter, President of Atlantic Corporation of Wilmington, has announced the acquisition of Coastal Corrugated, a 35-year-old family owned box company located in North Charleston, SC.

“We are excited about the opportunities this move brings to our already diverse company,” said Carter this week, following Atlantic’s annual meeting. “Coastal’s products are consistent with our marketplace focus, especially as it broadens our value proposition to the evolving automotive market. We have looked at corrugated sheet plants before as they are very allied to our converted products offering. This one seemed the right one at the right time.”

Atlantic Corporation, a top tier private company in North Carolina, is a diverse packaging and equipment distributor to consumer products manufacturers throughout North America, the Caribbean, and Central America. The company operates 18 regional facilities east to west as Atlantic Packaging.

Coastal Corrugated manufactures large format corrugated boxes for various manufacturing segments. They further manufacture custom protective packaging components for the automotive industry and its tier one suppliers.

“South Carolina has invested heavily in recruiting automotive manufacturers to the state and our company is increasingly aligned as a premier partner to these facilities, “says Carter. “Coastal’s ability to design and fabricate protective packaging solutions right here in the low country brings great value and sensible logistics. The North Charleston location connects with our newly opened Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte and the logistics of our existing ten facilities across the Carolinas and Georgia,” he added.

Atlantic is a 70-year-old company headquartered in Wilmington, NC with existing locations in Atlanta, GA; Baltimore, MD; Charleston, SC; Charlotte, NC; Dallas, TX; Dalton, GA; Greensboro, NC; Greenville, SC; Hickory, NC; Memphis, TN; Raleigh, NC; Reno, NV; Tabor City, NC; Sturgis, MI; and Wilmington, NC.


About Atlantic Packaging: Atlantic Packaging was founded in 1946 by Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist, W. Horace Carter, and continues to be family-owned and operated. Atlantic serves the unique needs of consumer products manufacturers and offers expertise in packaging equipment and integration as well as high performance materials for stretch, shrink, strapping, labeling systems, tapes and adhesives, protective packaging and general industrial supplies.



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