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How a Family Business Has Grown Through the Generations

How a Family Business Has Grown Through the Generations

Atlantic Packaging is honored to be a part of the Greater Wilmington Business Journal’s profile of family owned businesses in the area.

In their profile, Packaged For Generations, the Journal talks with Atlantic CEO Rusty Carter and President (and Rusty’s son), Wes Carter. They discuss how the family business was started by Rusty’s father, Horace Carter, and how it grew from a weekly newspaper to the powerhouse packaging company that it is today.

Tracing Atlantic’s roots from the Tabor City Tribune and Horace winning the Pulitzer Prize, to textiles, packaging, acquisitions, manufacturing, package testing, automation and e-commerce fulfillment, it becomes clear how this family-run company has evolved with the ever-changing business landscape and emerged as a leader in the packaging space, particularly when it comes to technical, data-driven packaging solutions.

Atlantic has seen tremendous growth in the industry verticals that we serve, in our geographic footprint, and in the development of our scientific approach to packaging as demonstrated everyday at our Packaging Solution Center. Our leadership team, led by Rusty and Wes, is continually looking for opportunities to grow and evolve in order to best serve the needs and priorities of our customers.

With such a rich family history, we take time as a company to honor this history while always looking to the future and to how we can grow, improve and, in Rusty’s words, to “rise to even higher levels.”

Read the full profile here: Packaged For Generations

Atlantic Caribbean Recognized as Important Foreign Investor

Atlantic Caribbean Recognized as Important Foreign Investor

Atlantic Caribbean was recognized as one of the most important foreign capital investors doing business in the Dominican Republic at the first Gala of the Investor (Gran Gala del Inversionista) put on by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Atlantic was represented at the event by our regional director, Yajaira Girón, who was honored along with 50 other large companies including Hayco, Hanes, Industrias San Miguel, Coke, Cemex, Rowe Labs, Fenwal, and many others from the industrial sector as well as tourism.

This award was presented to investors who have impacted the Dominican economy and who are highly important for local industry. According to CEI-RD (The Center of Export & Investment of the Dominican Republic), their Executive Director, Marius De León, spoke at the event and highlighted the invaluable contributions of foreign investment, calling for more companies to find new opportunities together with the Dominican Republic. 

Both the Governor of the Central Bank, Héctor Valdez Albizu, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Miguel Vargas Maldonado, highlighted the Dominican’s benefits and strengths for foreign investors.

Congratulations to Atlantic Caribbean on your success and your continued forward progress into the future.

Jeremy Spencer on The Doane Cast

Jeremy Spencer on The Doane Cast

Power of Our People. 

There are countless factors that have contributed to the longevity and success of Atlantic Packaging as a company.  But ask anyone here and you’ll learn that the true, underlying secret to this success is our people.

With a top-down approach that models hard work, innovation, and integrity, Atlantic has taken the packaging industry into a whole new era. Our approach is technical and scientific, led by the brightest minds in packaging, and is supported by over a thousand employees who bring their talent and their dedication to work everyday.

A shining example of this talent, hard work, and dedication is Jeremy Spencer, Atlantic’s first west coast remote representative.  Jeremy and Atlantic both took on a big risk in 2014 by introducing this historically southern company to major industries in cities along the west coast. But Atlantic knew Jeremy was the person to do this. And Jeremy knew Atlantic was the company with the resources and the hustle to make it happen.

Heart & Hustle

Jeremy recently sat down with Darren Doane – an acclaimed filmmaker and now a podcaster with a mission to tell stories of people getting it done – to tell his own story of how he has found great success.

What you’ll hear in this podcast is a story of small beginnings, big dreams, difficult setbacks, valuable lessons, and, above all, the heart and hustle that drove Jeremy forward and got him to where he is today.

We are honored to have Jeremy on board with us at Atlantic, bringing his drive and his genuine belief in Atlantic’s mission to our customers out west.

Learn more about Altantic’s MUST Method Approach to Stretch Wrapping here:

Atlantic 2019 Year in Review

Atlantic 2019 Year in Review

Thank you to our customers, vendors, employees, and leadership for an incredible year of growth and expansion throughout the company.

Here’s to a new year and even greater success in 2020!

Rusty Carter Scholarship for CFCC, 2019

Rusty Carter Scholarship for CFCC, 2019

The Rusty Carter Scholarship Fund was established by Atlantic employees and senior managers in Rusty’s name and continues to be funded by us as a group. We are proud to support hard-working students as they pursue higher education to create better opportunities for themselves, their families, and our community. 

See how your donation makes a difference.

*In the comments section of the form, add “Atlantic Packaging Scholarship”

Or checks can be made payable to CFCC with“Atlantic Packaging Scholarship” in the memo line & sent to Mitzi Rodgers by December 19th.

Thank you for your contribution in Rusty’s name!

Dominican Free Zone Association Cluster Meeting

Dominican Free Zone Association Cluster Meeting

Atlantic Caribbean in the Dominican Republic belongs to the Dominican Free Zone Association known as “Adozonas.”

Adozonas and the Dominican Council of Free Zones (CNZF) are working together to implement programs to help the local economy. One program that Atlantic is a part of right now is called the Cluster which recently held a meeting at the facilities of Atlantic Caribbean in Boca Chica (See: Clúster dominicano de dispositivos médicos fortalece relaciones con empresas locales).

The goal of the Cluster is to merge the Local and Free Zone industries together and to work as one country united – rather than as separate sectors – where all entities can benefit from one another.

With the Cluster, companies set up in the Dominican Republic, ether locally or as part of the Free Zone, have been able to do business in such a way that leaves as much money as possible in the local economy.

Before this initiative was implemented, many multinational companies installed in the Dominican Republic were purchasing supplies from corporately-authorized vendors in the USA, Asia or the EU.  This process caused greater cash flow issues as well as delays in production that held up the ability to deliver finished product to the end-user customer.

Now, as a result of this initiative, more local companies are becoming certified to be Free Zone suppliers and many Free Zone companies are buying as many products as possible locally.  This is speeding up the production process, improving customer satisfaction, and keeping cash flow within the Dominican Republic economy.

At Atlantic, we’ve seen great business opportunities and improvements as a result of working with the Cluster for the last three years. We’ve been successfully audited and have been able to gain a lot of new business, particularly in the medical sector.

Atlantic Caribbean prints labels, manufactures packaging products, distributes packaging materials, and sells and services packaging equipment.  If they might be a good match for your business, please contact us today.