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Atlantic 2021 Year in Review

Atlantic 2021 Year in Review

We’re taking time to reflect back on the year 2021 and all that we’ve experienced together.  We’ve seen new growth and expansion amid challenges brought on by the pandemic and massive supply chain issues.  We’ve made a difference by staying strong and resilient in our operations so our customers can continue to trust and rely on us.  And we’ve felt renewed passion for our mission in this world by driving sustainability and sustainable practices throughout our entire network and beyond.

Thank you to our Atlantic community of customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. We find inspiration through you everyday and we head into the new year with a sense of hope and anticipation for the future.

We’re wishing you and your family a safe, happy, and healthy new year in 2022!

Atlantic Printing & Graphics Is Zero Waste Certified

Atlantic Printing & Graphics Is Zero Waste Certified

We are extraordinarily proud to announce that Atlantic Printing & Graphics in Tabor City, NC has been officially certified as a Zero Waste facility. This status is verified by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) through their TRUE Zero Waste Certification Program.

Atlantic Printing & Graphics achieved this by diverting more than 90% of its waste from the landfill for the most recent 12 months at the time of certification.

We are also proud to be the first packaging company to achieve a Zero Waste Certification through the TRUE Program at GBCI. It’s inspiring and incredibly motivating to set this standard and chart the path for ourselves and for the entire packaging supply chain.

This first certification is such an exciting development in our Zero Waste journey. Atlantic is truly leading the way in our industry.

Congratulations to our senior leadership and to the entire Printing & Graphics team for your diligence and hard work in achieving this milestone.

Visit from the President of the Dominican Republic

Visit from the President of the Dominican Republic

On Tuesday, November 30th 2021, the President of the Dominican Republic, Sr. Luis Abinader, made an official visit to Atlantic Caribbean in Boca Chica. He toured the facility and met with Atlantic Packaing President, Wes Carter, the regional vice president, Sebastian Tine and the regional director, Yajaira Girón.

The visit from the President commemorated the start of the construction of the second stage of the Atlantic Corporation industrial park in the Excel Boca Chica free zone. This expansion represents an investment of more than $15 million and will generate 350 specialized jobs in the area.

Sr. Luis Abinader spoke with Wes Carter and discussed education, infrastructure and sustainability.

As the world navigates global supply chain issues and companies are acutely focused on the carbon footprint of materials to make and package their products, manufacturing in close proximity to consumers is becoming a priority. The Dominican Republic is an incredible country and is doing amazing work to help companies “near shore” their operations.

Presidente Luis Abinader is making the investments and commitments to create healthy partnerships. Thank you for your vision, señor Luis!

— Atlantic Packaging President, Wes Carter


Thank you to the President and his team for spending such valuable time with our company in Boca Chica and shining on a light on the importance of these partnerships for success.

This visit was covered widely in the media.  You can see two news stories here:

Remembering W. Horace Carter

Remembering W. Horace Carter

Today – September 16th, 2021 – marks the 12th anniversary of the death of W. Horace Carter and the year he would have turned 100.

We honor WHC each year on Founder’s Day and want to take time today to remember our him not only as our founder, but as the visionary who has gifted us with a culture of courage, justice, determination, and compassion.

As we reflect on his legacy today, we can also look at the indelible mark he left on the history of this country in fighting for what’s right. Here is a short video encapsulating his actions leading to the Pulitzer Prize in 1953.



You can watch the full hour-long film narrated by Morgan Freeman here:

Thank you to Horace for leading with honor and integrity and for starting us on a path that we may build upon year after year.  We are truly grateful.


Now Hiring – Maintenance Technician  (N. Charleston, SC)

Now Hiring – Maintenance Technician (N. Charleston, SC)

Atlantic Packaging is now hiring a Maintenance Technician in our Custom Converting Plant in N. Charleston, SC.  Please see the details below to learn more about this position and refer to the contact info on how to apply.

Position: Maintenance Technician

Division / Location: Atlantic Custom Corrugated, N. Charleston, SC


Perform routine maintenance and repairs as needed to keep machines and mechanical equipment operating efficiently and in a safe manner.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Create and manage work orders conducting necessary maintenance and repairs as needed
• Follow lock out/tag out procedures at all times
• Inspect, operate, or test equipment to diagnose machine malfunctions
• Dismantle equipment to replace/repair defective parts
• Perform routine maintenance
• Maintain constant communication with plant management regarding any issues that may arise so that schedules can be adjusted accordingly
• Assist in set up and tear down of all equipment
• Comply with Federal & State regulations
• Perform other duties & tasks assigned
• Responsible for ordering parts within budget and following up in a timely manner
• Ability to have flexible schedule for possible night/weekend maintenance emergencies
Knowledge & Skill Requirements
• Knowledge of machines and tools including their designs, used, repair procedures and maintenance
• Able to troubleshoot effectively to diagnose issues being electrical or mechanical
• Able to strictly follow all safety procedures
• Able to use logic and reasoning to identify alternative solutions to solve problems.

Additional Knowledge & Skill levels (Preferred):

• Proficient in diagnosing and correcting problems with automated PLC controlled machinery
• Proficient with installation of new sensors, and electrical components
• Update equipment documentation, back up PLC programs, enter notes/history in computerized maintenance management program.
• Responsible for having an awareness and understanding of the company’s commitment to ISO quality standards.

Education / Experience:

Four years machine maintenance in a manufacturing plant.
Experience in troubleshooting techniques, as well
P/C/ Control systems
Experience in Corrugated box plant a plus
Experience in electronics, mechanical, hydraulics and pneumatics.
Strong analytical and problem-solving ability
Ability to read, interpret and understand electrical drawings and equipment manuals.

About Atlantic Custom Corrugated:

Learn more about Atlantic Custom Corrugated


Renee Cappiello
(O) 843-552-2697 Ext. 3005
(C) 843-259-1284
5101 Coosaw Creek Blvd.
N. Charleston, SC 29420

A New Earth Project Featured in The Post and Courier

A New Earth Project Featured in The Post and Courier

Wes Carter and A New Earth Project are on a mission to stop plastic pollution in our oceans.

The Plastic Problem

Researchers have found that more than 8 billion metric tons of plastic have been made since the 1950s and, because plastic does not degrade, most of that is still in the environment.  A study in Science Magazine tells us that approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean annually.

Plastic in the ocean causes great harm to wildlife and marine life. These animals ingest plastic when they either mistake it for food or swallow it in the form of microplastics. This degrades the  health and wellbeing of the animals directly and contaminates our seafood, affecting our own health.

Plastic in the ocean also disrupts ecosystems and introduces invasive species.  Organisms who make a home on floating plastic debris can be carried from their native waters to another part of the world entirely.

Single use plastics – like plastics used in packaging – are a top concern, making up 50% of the plastic waste produced yearly.

The Solutions Have to Start Now

The plastic pollution problem is one that needs answers now. And one of the best ways to begin this difficult journey is by spreading awareness of the problem. Then we can identify the people, the organizations, and the industries in positions of influence – like the packaging industry – and start making changes that will reverse the trends that have been projected for ocean plastic pollution in the near future.

With a groundswell of genuine environmental concern building across the globe, consumers are more willing than ever to support the brands who are making a difference.

Fishbone is the recyclable can carrier system designed to replace single use plastics in the beverage industry

A New Earth

A New Earth Project was created as a partnership between surfers, the true ambassadors of the oceans, and the packaging supply chain to first, raise awareness of this global problem, but most importantly to fix this problem: clean our oceans and end the scourge of plastic waste.

The surfing community is the catalyst to get this message to the masses, to raise global awareness. And as the largest, privately-owned industrial packaging company in North America, Atlantic Packaging is in a unique position to help influence the packaging supply chain. These are the makers of packaging, the distributors of packaging, and the users of packaging.

We do this together. We do this now. Visit to learn more.

A New Earth Project was created to spread awareness of the plastic pollution problem and instigate change in the packaging supply chain

We are thankful to the Post and Courier for covering A New Earth Project and Atlantic President, Wes Carter, in the fight to clean up our world’s oceans and prevent pollution from single-use plastic. Read the full article here: Charleston business owner starts project to rid oceans of plastic pollution

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