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Atlantic is Awarded Wulftec Worldwide Distributor of the Year for 2017

Atlantic is Awarded Wulftec Worldwide Distributor of the Year for 2017

With over $8 Million in total Wulftec equipment sales in 2017, Atlantic once again took home the honor of Wulftec Worldwide Distributor of the Year. Wulftec executive leaders, Priscille Tremblay and Guy Lopes, came to Charlotte this week to present Atlantic with the distinguished award.

Atlantic President, Wes Carter, said of the honor: “Thanks to the steadfast leadership of Chip Bennett, our equipment team has once again set the standard for stretch equipment sales. I personally could not be more proud or more excited about Atlantic’s unique position in the stretch packaging space. Our investment in technology, facilities, and, most importantly, our incredibly talented specialists, are what makes these achievements a reality.

“This award is really for Atlantic’s team of equipment specialists: Trec Tisdale, Matt Teague, Mike Christy, Pat Urosek, Nick Ott, Daniel Schroeder, Steve Fuller, Rick Zeitlow, Steve Hunt, and Geoff Gailey. This group is truly the most talented and dedicated the industry has ever seen.”

Congratulations! The future is bright for the Atlantic / Wulftec partnership.

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Stronger Together

Stronger Together

How Atlantic came together to help one of our own

It was a sunny summer morning in June when Sue set out for work at Atlantic’s office in Wilmington.  It wasn’t long before the weather shifted and strong storms swept in that afternoon, bringing lots of rain along with dramatic thunder and lightning.  Electricity went out at Atlantic and then Sue got a call from a neighbor back at home.

Her house had been struck by lightning – a direct shot – and was on fire.

Her dog, Brutus, was still inside but luckily her neighbors were able to rescue him unharmed. The house itself was destroyed.  All their furniture.  All their belongings.

From the outside, it hardly looked like anything happened.  But inside, you could see that the roof and ceiling were gone, burned up completely, leaving fire and water damage everywhere.

Immediately, the Atlantic team sprung to action, with co-workers getting Sue where she needed to go, gathering supplies and getting the word out so people could help.

A GoFundMe page was set up and communications were sent out. Personal donations of money and supplies came in from employees at every Atlantic branch to help make sure Sue, her husband, Joe, and Brutus were taken care of so they could start dealing with this disaster.

To date, over $10,000 has been raised for this family to help get them back on their feet.  In the face of a tragedy that claimed all their material possessions, they gained the knowledge that we are all here for them, that we care, and we’ll do what we can to help.

Thank you to everyone who made a contribution, who sent a text or an email, who called to check in.  It all makes a difference.

We are stronger together.

Atlantic Rewards Employees with a $1,000 Bonus

Atlantic Rewards Employees with a $1,000 Bonus

Atlantic Packaging, a Private North Carolina Company, Rewards Employees with a $1,000 Bonus

See news coverage about Atlantic’s employee tax bonus:

Wilmington, N.C., January 23, 2018 – Atlantic Packaging, one of North Carolina’s largest privately held companies, headquartered in Wilmington, announced today that management is awarding $1,000 bonuses immediately to full-time employees. Nearly 1,000 Atlantic employees will receive the bonus payment by February 15th, 2018.

“We are a Sub-S Corporation,“ said Wes Carter, Atlantic President, “and although the new tax bill did not reduce our taxes as aggressively as it did for C-Corps, some of whom are our competitors, the tax reduction will have a real impact and we want to share the savings with our hard working and loyal employees.

“Our people are what make this organization successful and, though the tax benefit will not come until the end of 2018, we are distributing the bonus dollars now to acknowledge its impact,” he said. “The new tax code helps U.S. companies remain healthy and competitive in a global marketplace, and that directly and positively affects the people who work at these companies.”

Atlantic is a distributor of packaging materials and automated equipment and operates manufacturing facilities for paper converting, printing and labeling products. With 16 locations throughout the United States including one in the Dominican Republic and one in Honduras, Atlantic Packaging employs over 1,000 workers.

Atlantic’s original location is in Tabor City, North Carolina and the company operates locally from their corporate headquarters on 23rd St in Wilmington. The local facility is located at 806 N. 23rd Street in Wilmington, NC.

“Interestingly,” says CEO Rusty Carter, “the part of the new tax code dealing with repatriation of off shore earnings has additional benefit for our company, given our non-U.S. operations. Accordingly, we are also paying this bonus to our 150 off shore employees. We are probably not unique in this situation nationwide, but we are likely unique for privately held North Carolina companies.”

Atlantic’s domestic locations in North Carolina are in Wilmington, Tabor City, Raleigh, Greensboro, Hickory, and Charlotte. South Carolina locations are in Greenville, and Charleston. They also have branch locations in Atlanta and Dalton, GA; Dallas, TX; Sturgis, MI; Hazleton, PA; and Memphis, TN. Off shore locations are in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic; and Choloma, Honduras.

Atlantic was founded in 1946 in Tabor City, North Carolina by W.H. Carter, father and grandfather of Rusty and Wes. The company began as a small-town newspaper where the elder Carter won the Pulitzer Prize in 1952 for his fight for social and economic justice through his editorial campaign against the KKK. He launched the beginnings of the current packaging company in the 1960’s.

Carter’s newspaper, the Tabor City Tribune, is still published weekly and Tabor City is Atlantic’s largest concentration of employees, exceeding 300, making it Columbus County’s largest non-government employer.

For more information about Atlantic, please visit

Atlantic 2017 Year in Review

Atlantic 2017 Year in Review

Thank you to our customers, vendors, employees, and leadership for a year that saw incredible growth and expansion throughout the company.

2017 was good year.

2018 – Here we come!

Atlantic Ranks on the 2017 NC Mid-Market Fast 40 List

Atlantic Ranks on the 2017 NC Mid-Market Fast 40 List

Atlantic Ranks on the 2017 NC Mid-Market Fast 40 List

We are honored to be included among highly successful businesses in the NC Mid-Market Fast 40. Atlantic ranks #13 on the list, which grades mid-sized North Carolina companies based on revenue and employment growth.

Business North Carolina Magazine and the Cherry Bekaert Group create this list each year to honor local companies for leading the way in revenue and employment growth across NC.

Some of the common threads with these top companies includes success and innovation in technology, automation, and scaling growth.


The internet and the role of new technology in sales and production is a common theme among the top companies. Even if they’re not selling technology-specific products or services, companies across the board are using technology to advance and differentiate themselves. This is how they sell products, reach new markets, and meet consumers where they are in terms of computers and mobile devices.

Atlantic’s patented technology, the MUST Monitor for stretch wrappers, was updated in 2017 from its initial launch 10 years ago.  MUST 2.0 offers our customers a platform to monitor and measure stretch wrap application and for our experts to troubleshoot their systems anytime a pallet is wrapped outside the benchmark settings.

MUST Stretch Wrap Monitoring Technology


The ethics of robotics and job reallocation is a critical one in this time of emerging technology and automation. Companies agree that there’s an urgent need for skilled workers with support for their advancement and are actively developing training programs and providing education opportunities for employees.

For our part, Atlantic works closely with Southeastern Community College in Whiteville, NC near our Tabor City facility to ensure that, together, we’re aligning the right kind of training and eduction for the jobs that are available and needed in the area.

Atlantic’s Packaging Automation Engineer, Mike Christy

Growth and Scale

With fast growing companies, the conversation shifts from how to gain revenue to how to manage growth. Finding a need, filling a gap, and providing valuable expertise in that area is the formula to fuel successful growth.  This is a quality that differentiates these top companies from their competition.  This year, Atlantic launched the Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte, NC and now has the first of its kind facility outside the academic field to feature advanced research, testing, and shipping certification.

Packaging Solution Center, Charlotte, NC

These Mid Market Fast 40 NC companies are not just surviving, but are thriving as they expand into new markets and extend their own capabilities by embracing technology, innovation, and investment in the growth of their company and employees.

Thank you to Business North Carolina Magazine and the Cherry Bekaert Group for composing this list and for recognizing contributions from local businesses to revenue and employment growth across NC.

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