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Atlantic Passes the Test

Atlantic Passes the Test

At Atlantic, we don’t just test packaging. We test, refine, and test again. Testing is a critical component of our packaging methodology and helps us maintain a standard of excellence that is unrivaled. Minimizing load failures and costs for our clients are our top priorities.

Altering packaging material use by as little as a gram can have a drastic impact on the supply chain at scale. Atlantic helps its clients save money and meet sustainability goals by finding the exact amount of material they need for their loads.

Atlantic’s phased approach of auditing, testing, optimizing, and monitoring is a winning strategy for any business’ packaging process.

Jake Wyns, Packaging Development Specialist, discusses Atlantic’s commitment to testing in the video above.

Stories of Change – Panoramic Doors

Stories of Change – Panoramic Doors

Panoramic Doors has created a unique folding patio door with their patented Slide-n-Pivot hinge-free panel design for easier operation. Their signature product is an innovative mix of a sliding patio door and a folding panel door, custom made and offering a highly desirable solution for transitioning from indoors to outdoors.

The Challenge

Because Panoramic Doors’ panels are large and heavy but also fragile, they pose a real challenge when it comes to shipping them efficiently and effectively. The aesthetics of the panels are a critical factor when it comes to the final, installed product. Any damage to the panels or the glass during transit could instantly affect all the hard work and customization that went into the planning, production, and care in making the product.

Shipping Damage

Even though Panoramic Doors was shipping their panels in large wooden crates using foam as added protective packaging, they were still experiencing shipping damage. This was a major challenge for Panoramic Doors because damaged product has serious implications on cost, labor, waste, and brand reputation.

In working with Justin Bair at Atlantic Packaging, they expressed their concern about shipping damage and were open to changing up their packaging completely.

Custom Packaging – Can One Size Fit All?

One of the challenges we faced in coming up with a new packaging design – in addition to the fact that the panels are large, heavy, and fragile – is that they are also custom made for each order so each box needs to be custom for that size.

Justin worked with Atlantic’s in-house packaging engineers who came up with a fully corrugated package design. This design accounts for the custom sizing by using a telescoping box. This streamlines the packaging by eliminating SKUs so Panoramic Doors only has to buy one size box that fits every one of their products.

Unexpected Benefits!

In switching to a fully corrugate package, Panoramic Doors vastly improved their packaging aesthetics. They moved from a heavy wooden crate to a simple brown box that’s clean, neat, and is even branded with their logo. This helps to improve their own brand reputation while improving the customer experience of receiving the package

Another advantage to changing to all corrugate is that their packaging is fully curbside recyclable. This is a major win for sustainability and another win for the customer experience.

We were honored to work with Panoramic Doors on this packaging challenge. We’re especially honored to know that their story of change has been a big success, not only in their original goal of eliminating shipping damage, but also in meeting sustainability goals and in improving their customer experience.


Customer Spotlight – WP Rawl Farms

Customer Spotlight – WP Rawl Farms

It starts with family.

At WP Rawl Farms, farmers and workers plant, harvest, prepare and deliver products for customers, understanding that it’s their teamwork that makes the whole operation successful.  As individuals and as a company, they are dedicated to quality, freshness, service, and value.

These values come from being a family-owned and operated company with hands-on leadership.

WP Rawl Farms is a South Carolina family farm established in 1925 and committed to providing a variety of fresh, wholesome vegetables with a focus on leafy greens.  They provide fresh, healthy food to their customers all year round with trucks out for delivery 365 days a year.

As their business has expanded over the years, they’ve developed more structured policies in food safety with an emphasis on the quality and integrity of their packaging.  Atlantic has been a partner with WP Rawl Farms through every development and continues to work with them today to ensure the safe, reliable, and excellent packaging and presentation of their products.

Learn more about WP Rawl Farms.

Conversations with Customers – How Expertise, Urgency and Inventory Can Save the Day

Conversations with Customers – How Expertise, Urgency and Inventory Can Save the Day

In the last several months, we’ve directed a lot of attention to Atlantic’s headline investment of 2017 — the Packaging Solution Center. There’s a lot to be excited about with new opportunities for package testing and process automation, in a space that’s the first of its kind.

In light of all that’s new, we’re maintaining perspective into all avenues of our business by talking with our customers to learn what they value the most in their vendor relationships and what kind of opportunities they envision with the Solution Center as an added resource.

Pete Artemenko from Atlantic’s marketing team recently sat down with Mark Gossage, a customer with Stanley Black & Decker, who has worked closely with Atlantic sales rep. TJ Little for the last three years.

We spoke with our customer, Mark Gossage, about challenges he faces and the services that bring the most value to his operations.

Mark told Pete that he finds value not only in opportunities the Packaging Solution Center can provide, like reducing risk and material cost, but also in other investments Atlantic makes to ensure process efficiency, technical support, and customer service. 

These investments may not be as headline-worthy as the Packaging Solution Center, but for Mark, they’ve been just as valuable.

They’re part of Atlantic’s continuous commitment to investment, not only in research and development, but in the entire customer experience.


Interview with Mark Gossage

Pete Artemenko with Atlantic Packaging (PA): You’ve been at Stanley Black & Decker for about five years. You’ve been partnering with Atlantic and with TJ Little on some of your projects. Tell me a little bit about these projects.

Mark Gossage (MG): Back in 2013, when I was in the Stanley Leadership Program at Greenfield, we used to wrap with strapping and corner boards and our cost was about five dollars a pallet. By optimizing production through the use of Wulftec gears and partnering up with Atlantic, we dropped the cost down to about sixty-eight cents. So, with the amount of volume we did in the plant at that time, it was about $150,000 worth of savings for Stanley Black & Decker.

We did a similar project at our plant in Maryland and were able to cut our stretch film usage in half. We now only have purchase film once per year!

Stretch Wrapping at Stanley Black and Decker

PA: How did you achieve 50% less usage?

MG: We used the Atlantic yellow high-performance film, and then we optimized the wrappers. This allowed us to use less ounces of film per pallet. We also did the same thing in our plant right outside of Montreal. The first wrapper we added was so successful, we actually added a second in that facility. We’ve also got conveyors with Atlantic.

Recently, we did a Kaizen event at our plant in Shelbyville, Kentucky.

PA: When you say Kaizen, what does that mean?

MG: It’s a lean, focused event. It comes from the Japanese word for continuous improvement— looking at a process, and how to improve it.

We teamed up with Atlantic because we knew there were many costs on the packaging material side, and there was also automation where we could pick different components to improve packaging and transport.

We broke into two different groups, one focused on getting savings from materials, and one on the equipment side that was focused on how to acquire and improve automation. Because Atlantic can actually do both, I think that was the first time a company partnered with us on both sides.

Partnering on Materials AND Equipment

PA: Stanley Black & Decker represents a huge amount of volume, where one small change in optimizing efficiency represents huge cost savings. How does that get you excited about new partnerships and opportunities to create new cost savings?

MG: We have multiple plants around the United States.. We’re constantly growing — just like Atlantic.

Partnering with someone like Atlantic, it’s a little different than companies we’ve worked with in the past. Usually we partner with a materials company and a separate automation company. If something goes wrong with a label or a bag, they always point fingers at the other company. With Atlantic, you can do labels and equipment. So if something doesn’t print, or it doesn’t fit, or something else is wrong, there’s no one to point fingers at. It’s a one-stop shop. That aligns with a lot of our plants, where we’re becoming a more vertically integrated one-stop shop that focuses around efficiency.

Delivering Automation and Integration


PA: The best place for us to be at Atlantic is to be in a seat where we are accountable to the customers for their most critical applications. We want to be there because that’s where the most opportunity is, but also, we want to be in the fight with the customer. We want to be in this together.

MG: And it adds more value. Because instead of the customer feeling like we’re all alone, we’re actually in it with someone else next to us helping us solve the issues. It’s something that Atlantic can offer that some other companies can’t. The major difference is in being able to provide the equipment and the material. Other companies can’t do that.

PA: What are the pieces that come together for you on the Atlantic side that are valuable to you as a customer of Atlantic? Is there a specific project you have in mind?

There were two instances. With our Automatic Autobagger, we had Don Stewart, Mike Christie, Chip Bennett, and Nick Ott from Atlantic working on this. We had a hard deadline to have it up and running and these guys literally flew out there to fix the machine. All the Atlantic experts were there to make sure it was working.

Don Stewart, Atlantic’s Labeling Expert

We came in with the Factory Acceptance Test and there were issues that we found that had to be fixed. In a short timeframe, Atlantic disassembled, shipped, and reassembled the machine to have it fully operational..

The other instance was a Kaizen event. We had Eric Farmer and TJ Little from sales doing the material side. We had Chip Bennett, and we had Nick Ott on the equipment side. And we had transportation, where Atlantic actually created a warehouse next to our facility to do vendor-managed inventory only two miles away from our plant.

So instead of having to store all the extra labels and take storage spaces out of our plant, or having to wait for shipping all the way from Charlotte or Wilmington, the labels could be stored right down the street. It was vendor-managed inventory, so we would pay for it right when it hit our dock. It was very efficient and very beneficial for us.

Offering a robust inventory management program

PA: It’s really interesting talking to you about it to hear the customer side. One of the things we hear from leadership of the company is that we listen to the customer, we learn from the customer, and we invest in the customer. I see that in the just-in-time delivery, and like you said, that’s a huge deal.

MG: It is. It’s a great partnership and alignment. It allows our plants to use that square footage to keep growing, and as we keep growing, we keep buying more labels. So in the long run, there’s more room for building a bigger relationship with Atlantic as well.


PA: When you walk into the Packaging Solution Center, how does it make you feel as a customer of Atlantic? What are you excited about seeing?

Engineers operating the TruMotion Transportation Simulator

MG: It will be very beneficial to have our products running on some of this equipment, and to see how some of those proposals that Chip and Nick make will actually work. Because there’s always a bit of a risk on our side, on the customer’s side, of how successful we think a change is going to be, how likely we are to get payback or savings, and what the rate is going to be. This will help us minimize risk on our end.

PA: Normally you have concept and proposal, to factory acceptance test. It’s not a big risk, but there’s nothing in between. This provides something in between.

MG: There’s normally a couple of months in between, so we base off a video, or a YouTube clip we get sent that shows what the machine is doing. Or it’s a complete concept. Like that Autobagger machine, there were a lot of moving pieces. It wasn’t an off the shelf item. There were a lot of custom pieces because we were retrofitting it to an existing piece of equipment. Since the heights were different, it made it sort of a custom job.

Well, that was a little bit harder to envision. It took a lot conference calls to be able to do those things. It’s one thing to kind of read about it, but then you have to hear about it and picture it in your head, so it’s a longer project.

So if we’re able to test at the Packaging Solution Center, it will be a lot easier to envision what we need it to do. That will turn around and help us complete the idea and move forward.

Thank you to Mark Gossage for sitting down and talking with us about all the nuances of your relationship with Atlantic.  We learned a great deal about the challenges you face and the services that bring value to your operations.

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Customer Spotlight: Balmoral Cigar

Customer Spotlight: Balmoral Cigar

At Atlantic Caribbean in the Dominican Republic, we work with businesses ranging from local farmers to international businesses in the Free Trade Zones.  Our distribution, inventory management, equipment, and full-service printing operation allows us to keep up with every type of company on the island.  And lets us build relationships that reveal valuable insight to success and longevity in business.

Through all our years of building relationships, we’ve found common traits in the formula for success. These include a mix of passion, ingenuity and dedication to the people, to the product, and to the process.

We recently visited with Balmoral, a world-class cigar manufacturer who fully exemplifies these traits. They are a customer in the free trade zone of San Pedro de Macoris and, as a brand of Royal Agio Cigars, they produce both machine-made cigars and custom crafted hand-rolled cigars for shipment around the world.

In talking with Francisco Batista, Factory Director, it was evident that the success and longevity of this business is a direct result of their commitment to the product, from start to finish.

Balmoral is vigilant in sourcing the best tobacco from around the world with the precise characteristics they want for creating a complex and unique range of cigars. Preparing and blending these raw materials is an art form that requires passion, creativity, and precision.  The people involved and the execution of this process are what set this product apart.

Presentation is Everything

Cigar makers at Balmoral are craftsmen creating luxury products with consistency.  The packaging and presentation of these products is critical, marking the first impression and setting up the customer for the experience that is to come.  Attention to detail in packaging results in a premium look and feel that matches the quality of the product.

We are proud to work with such an esteemed brand and superior operation in the Dominican Republic.  We wish them a long future of success.

Learn more about Atlantic Caribbean

Customer Spotlight: Mother Earth Brewing

Customer Spotlight: Mother Earth Brewing

This fall, we visited our customer, Mother Earth Brewing, in Kinston, NC.  They’re a leader in the regional craft brewing scene and produce a full line of beers including an award-winning Kolsch, an IPA, a Belgian Witt, and a Munich Dunkel, among others. We spoke with them about their company, their operation, and the importance of maintaining quality and integrity in everything they do.

During our visit, we learned that not only does Mother Earth Brewing produce an excellent and much-sought-after product, but also that this company is invested in revitalizing the community around a small North Carolina town.

The Magic Mile

In its heyday, downtown Kinston was a shopping destination for every manner of household and consumer products, from cars and clothes, to hardware and farm equipment.  It was known back then as the Magic Mile. But as the mall and bigger box stores moved into the area, the downtown strip soon became obsolete and, eventually, vacant and run-down.

Mother Earth Brewing was founded in 2008 by visionary leaders, Stephen Hill and Trent Mooring along with Josh Brewer, who committed to renovating an “ugly duckling” building in the center of downtown Kinston into what is now a showcase brewery. Together with local restaurant, The Chef and the Farmer, they have become the anchors of a town making a steady and deliberate comeback centered around food, drink, and entertainment.

Building a Brand with Character

All the while, Mother Earth Brewery has focused on building their brand with character.  From the exposed brick and beam of the brewery, to the bold colors, big windows, and LEED certified construction, this company is fully engaged in the intention and story behind everything it produces.

Take their award-winning beer, for example; the central focus of the business. Each beer they make is characterized with a theme and emotional pulse as told through the custom artwork on the labels as much as through the flavors. Sisters of the Moon IPA brings you right to the mood of a late-night campfire.  Park Day has you outside, feeling relaxed in the warm sun while Snow Flurry transports you to the wooded trails on a cold winter day.

What’s in a Label?

With such an emphasis placed on the character and story of their brand, their labels play an important part in the Mother Earth experience. We’re honored to be trusted with the responsibility of printing and supplying their labels, working closely with the packaging manager in charge of channeling 12 ounces of beer into every bottle.

Our goal is to make his life easy when it comes to labels and label application.  Our sales and customer team strive to be as prompt, responsive, efficient, and as helpful as possible.

We are grateful to have Mother Earth Brewing as a customer and we look forward to all the good they will do for Kinston and eastern North Carolina in the years to come.


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