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Customer Spotlight – DryCASE

Customer Spotlight – DryCASE

We visited with our customer, DryCASE, this spring to get an inside look at their business and to find out what matters most to them as they continue to grow their product base year after year.

The waterproof technology that powers DryCASE products started with a revolutionary iPhone case in 2009.  As mobile devices have continued to proliferate and become a part of our minute-to-minute existence, DryCASE has updated and expanded their waterproof offerings to protect these devices while we’re outdoors and on-the-go.

Atlantic worked with DryCASE to develop unique folding cartons for their waterproof bags that represent their brand in the best possible way.  Using colors and cut-outs, Danny Woodlief, our carton designer, along with Atlantic Printing & Graphics, came up with attractive and functional packaging ideal for the outdoor lifestyle retail shelves where you can find these products.

DryCASE Cartons

As DryCASE continues to expand their reach and their product offerings, we’re able to scale our own services to grow right alongside them.

Atlantic is uniquely suited to partnering with customers who are in rapid growth mode. Our range and scope of products, services, and expertise is a match at every stage of business development.

Thank you to DryCASE for working with us to create this spotlight and for trusting us with your retail carton packaging.  We look forward to a long future working together.

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Customer Spotlight – Origin Food Group

Customer Spotlight – Origin Food Group

This past fall, we visited our customer Origin Food Group in Statesville, NC to find out how they got started producing nutritious dairy products and how they’ve grown into the business they are today.  We also talked to them about how Atlantic figures into their day-to-day operation.

Orgin Food Group was started as partnership between the Alarcon family of Ecuador who had led the market in drinkable yogurt products and the Stamey family of farmers in Statesville, NC.  The Stameys had sold cattle to the Alarcons in Ecuador and struck up this partnership as a way to bring farm-fresh, nutritious yogurt products to the mid-Altantic.

Origin produces their own private label of farm-fresh, fortified drinkable yogurt under the name Frutel.  They also co-pack their high quality yogurt for other brands.  Atlantic creates the shrink sleeves for all these brands and also works closely with the sales and production team to troubleshoot any issues on their line and to find ways to improve efficiency.

It means so much to us to hear Origin refer to Atlantic as a partner in their organization.  That is the value we strive to bring to all our customers, whether it’s with inventory control, printing and graphics, or paper converting.  We’re on the front lines with you assuming risk and responsibility for the products you bring to market.

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