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Consistency & Precision for the Medical Device Industry

Consistency & Precision for the Medical Device Industry

Customers in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries have a real demand for consistent, quality products that meet rigorous specifications. They rely on having a dependable source for wearables, personal protective equipment (PPE), cleanroom supplies, tamper-resistant labels, cartons, and end of line packaging materials to keep their operation safe and efficient.

At Atlantic, we understand that timing is important, responsiveness is key, quality is non-negotiable, and pricing must be competitive.

Our network of resources ensures that supplies remain consistent and can meet surges in demand.  We have a broad offering for our medical device and pharmaceutical customers with the convenience of being a single, reliable supplier.

With fast turnaround times and full accountability, customers rely on Atlantic for consistency and precision. This is what has kept our business growing for 70 years and what we hang our hat on every day.

Learn more about supplies for the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. Contact Atlantic to connect with a sales person today: (800) 722-5841

Atlantic Packaging to Exhibit at IPPE 2016

Atlantic Packaging to Exhibit at IPPE 2016

Atlantic brings 40 years of packaging expertise in the poultry processing industry. At IPPE 2016, Atlantic will showcase a selection of packaging equipment designed specifically for the processing environment, including stainless steel machines. They will also have on display a variety of products including stretch film, tape, labels, and cartons that are all critical needs in this business.

Atlantic has a dedicated team for their poultry, meat and processing customers (See: Food Packaging for Meat and Poultry Processing). They understand the unique demands of this branch of the food industry and offer critical response time and accountability on equipment service and material delivery. They are also valuable consultants when it comes to choosing films, printed products, and packaging equipment.

At IPPE 2016, Atlantic’s booth B8317 will feature the following equipment:

➢ Pearson CE25 Case Erector
➢ Pearson CS25 Case Sealer
➢ Pearson BI18 Bag Inserter
➢ CTM 360A Labeler
➢ CTM 3600 Corner Wrap Labeler
➢ Wexar Bel 505 Semi Case Erector
➢ Wexar Bel 150 Stainless Case Sealer
➢ Wulfec 150 Stainless Steel Low Profile Stretch Wrapper
➢ CodeTech X1JET printer
➢ Texwrap Automatic in-Line Stainless Steel L-Sealer with tunnel
They will also display a selection of bin liners, bin covers, VFFS film, CVP bags, barrier films, and other products they feature for the processing industry.
Visit Atlantic at Booth B8317 at IPPE 2016 and find a partner you can count on.
Keeping it Together – Unitization for Building Products

Keeping it Together – Unitization for Building Products

When we talk about unitization and packaging for the building products industry, we are talking about labeling, coding, and protecting products as diverse as PVC piping, drywall panels, and block masonry. Manufacturers throughout this industry rely on packaging that will protect their products when exposed to the elements, when handled on forklifts, and transported on trucks, trains, and ships.  They also rely on labeling and coding that will withstand all of the above and make it to the retailers intact.

Dry Wall Panels Unitization

Fragile products such as drywall panels require great care in their packaging to keep them secure during transit and storage.  Brick and block are more rugged but require just as much care so as not to overpower the packaging and cause serious damage.  PVC pipes can be unruly to handle, relying on the packaging to keep them organized and easier to manage.

Unitization refers to grouping individual products into standardized larger units designed to increase efficiency in handling and transportation.

Whether we’re working with carpet squares, ceramic tiles, light fixtures, windows, roofing shingles, paint, electrical wire or any other building product, achieving unitization means we’re keeping the product safe, we’re optimizing the pallet and the truck load capacity, we’re revealing the label and bar code effectively, and we’re reducing the potential for damage during transit and storage.  We’re also making it easier and faster to handle the materials through loading and unloading.

Strapping for Lumber Unitization

Atlantic’s experience in working with building product manufacturers includes helping our customers achieve unitization. We supply the right equipment, materials, labels, and printing for each unique product and application, and provide creative solutions to reach the most effective methods for material handling.

Some of these solutions include strapping tools and materials, shrink film, cornerboard and slip sheets, stretch film with UVI agents, plain and printed poly bags, UVI coated labels, and inkjet printing. We also use systems of packaging equipment, including conveyors, whose controls are programmed to provide safe and productive flow through your plant.

Contact Atlantic today to learn more about our packaging work in the building products industry: (800) 722-5841

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Modern Packaging Challenges in the Beverage Industry

Modern Packaging Challenges in the Beverage Industry

Have you noticed changes in plastic water bottles over the last several years? Smaller caps, smaller printed labels, and lighter plastic are a few of the ways that beverage companies are reducing waste in their packaging.  They are also bundling their cases without the use of corrugated trays.

And these changes are making a difference.

Nestle Waters states that by reducing weight in their half-liter bottle, they are using an average of 37% less plastic than their original half-liter and have saved 65 million pounds of PET plastic resin.  And by reducing the label size on the bottle by 35%, they have saved almost 10 million pounds of paper annually (source: Packaging Innovation – Nestle Waters, link here).

Ice River Springs makes their bottles out of 100% recycled green plastic for closed loop recycling. This means that they’re making no new plastic for their bottled water (see: Ice River Green, link here).

As more and more beverage companies make moves to become environmentally friendly and adopt changes to their primary packaging, bulk shipments of the product from the bottling facility to distributors and retailers are in danger of being less stable and more susceptible to damage during transit.  Companies have to rely increasingly on their pallet wrapping operation to keep the product safe and contained during shipping and storage.

Beverage Industry Pallet Wrapping

At Atlantic, we have stretch packaging engineers and film specialists dedicated to meeting the demands of these unique and ever-changing packaging challenges.  This team studies prestretch, secondary stretch, wrap patterns, and overlap.  They analyze how these elements need to interact on the pallet in order to achieve the desired containment force that will protect the product in every individual case.

We share the results of our data and analysis in Stretch University, a program aimed at educating our customers on all the elements of a properly wrapped pallet.  Through hands-on demonstrations, we show the best practices and common pitfalls of film being applied to a pallet. Stretch University demonstrates that simply applying more film or increasing tension will not protect product from damage.  The right film matched with the proper equipment settings together with the appropriate prestretch, secondary stretch, and wrap patterns all collaborate on creating an effectively wrapped pallet.

Beyond analysis, training, education, and the technical service required to get all of these elements just right for our customers, Atlantic has also developed a monitoring system called Materials Usage Standards Tracking (MUST) to ensure that the proper benchmark settings are maintained over time.

It is inspiring to see so many companies evolving their products and processes to be more environmentally mindful.  Matching that evolution with a packaging process that results in less wasted film and less damaged product is not only possible, it is a fundamental part of Atlantic’s commitment to sustainable packaging.

Contact us to learn more about stretch packaging, Stretch University, or the MUST monitoring program.

Without a Scratch – Protective Packaging for Automotive Manufacturing

Without a Scratch – Protective Packaging for Automotive Manufacturing

It’s no secret that many people love their cars and trucks.  And for those people who do, they really, really love them. And these car and truck lovers will appreciate the lengths that automotive manufacturers and their packaging companies go to in order to protect each and every part during the manufacturing process.

The challenges of shipping a windshield wiper blade or a car bumper so it arrives without a scratch are part of what fuels our custom packaging designer, Norm Samuelson. Norm has always been a car lover and, with an engineering and design background from Purdue, he spent his early career on a race team, working his way up to crew chief.  His main goals in building racecars back then were to make them as light as possible and to make them simple, reliable and easy to work on.

Norm Samuelson, Custom Packaging Engineer

These goals eventually translated directly to the custom packaging lab when Norm began his work as a packaging designer in 1992.  In the lab, they attempt to use as little material as possible in order to control costs.  They create designs that are simple and easy to pack so as to save time.  Saving time and money while protecting the product is the ultimate goal for Norm today. (See: Automotive Industry – Atlantic Packaging.)

Protective Packaging for Windshield Wipers

Norm and his team together with our sales representatives are acutely sensitive to the demands of the automotive manufacturing industry. They understand the unique requirements of this industry including product protection, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and accurate, detailed invoicing.

Automotive part manufacturers count on Atlantic to deliver measurable results and innovative solutions for their packaging needs. Watch the video below to hear from Norm and to see our protective packaging design in action.

Contact Atlantic today to learn more: (800) 722-5841.

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