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Let Your Shrink Sleeves do the Talking

Let Your Shrink Sleeves do the Talking

Labels and shrink sleeves are among the most important aspects of product packaging for bottles and containers.  These help sell your product on the retail shelves and are what the consumer interacts with every time they use your product.

Your labels and shrink sleeves have a lot of heavy lifting to do.

Shrink Sleeves are ideal on bottled products for beverages, drinkable yogurts, shampoos, beauty products, household and automotive items.  They offer full body, 360° graphics to show off your brand and tell your customers all they need to know about your product. A shrink sleeve can use this kind of real estate to influence consumer buying decisions in the micro- seconds they take to scan the shelves.

At Atlantic, we specialize in creating shrink sleeves for customers starting with the design and printing all the way through bottle application. Our 3D Proofing and Quality Control processes ensure consistency and quality for every print run.  And we can handle tamper evident seals as well as sleeves for multi-packing.

For all your label and shrink sleeve needs, partner with Atlantic and let your labels do the talking.

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How Shrink Sleeve Packaging Influences Consumer Buying Decisions

How Shrink Sleeve Packaging Influences Consumer Buying Decisions

Getting your product to stand out on retail shelves and to communicate the right message to buyers is critical for the micro-second decision making process that often defines our retail purchases.

Shrink Sleeves Mean More Real Estate for your Brand

Your product packaging along with the display of your products in the store can heavily influence consumer decision making. For bottled items, such as beverages, drinkable yogurts, shampoos, beauty products, household and automotive items that you would find in a retail store, using a shrink sleeve provides the opportunity to use the entire bottle or container to show off your brand and provide valuable information.

How Does This Impact on the Buying Process?

This packaging real estate can have a significant impact on the well-researched stages of the buying process:

  • Need awareness and recognition
  • Search for product information
  • Product evaluation and alternatives
  • Decision and purchase
  • Post-purchase use and evaluation

Marketers and designers use the space on the full container shrink sleeve to incorporate appropriate colors, engaging graphics, and catchy text that will help establish your brand and also prompt a need for the product. There is room for information that the buyer will need, including nutritional info, ingredients, or instructions.

Revealing Features

You can also use the shrink sleeve full body packaging to reveal features that may appeal to the buyer in their product evaluation process. Is the food organic or low fat? Does the packaging make the food or beverage product easy to consume? Is a health or beauty product recommended by professionals? Is the automotive product featured in a magazine? Has it earned any awards or recognition?

Revealing these features has the added benefit of influencing the decision and purchase stage with a convincing message as to why your brand provides the best product to fulfill this particular need.

Brand Loyal Buyers

Truth in advertising, specifically with your packaging in this case, is key to making sure that the post-purchase evaluation produces a future brand-loyal buyer of your products. Did you deliver what you promised on the packaging? If so, then your buyer might explore other products in your brand. They may also recommend your brand to their friends.

Converting a single sale in the retail store could have exponential effects on future sales.

Roll of Shrink Sleeves

Finding the Right Printer for your Shrink Sleeves

The full body space available on a shrink sleeve allows product marketers and designers the freedom to stimulate all of the factors involved in consumer decision making.  However, some constraints need to be observed in order to have the best, most effective design.  The right printing and packaging company will have the experience and expertise in shrink sleeve production to educate your designer on best practices.

At Atlantic Printing & Graphics, we have a customer service and prepress team to guide you to finding the best design techniques specific for shrink sleeves.

Testing, Testing

Through advanced 3D visualization software and test runs before the sleeve goes to print, we can determine what area of the sleeve will have distortion when it is fitted to the container, which may cause changes in the design or layout. We can also determine how the graphics and more detailed information on the sleeve will line up, which may also affect the design. In addition, we have a stringent quality control process to ensure that colors match up to any other label or carton packaging you create in our print shop.

We are committed to helping you produce the best possible packaging to represent your brand in retail stores. Trust our experts to create and print shrink sleeve packaging that will work overtime to sell your product on the shelves.

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Food Labels and Labeling Systems

Food Labels and Labeling Systems

In addition to food product packaging materials, Atlantic offers solutions for food product labels and high performance labeling systems.

Our label division expands this offering even further with full in-house high quality service from graphic design, to computer-to-plate, to high definition printing and specialty converting.

Labeling Equipment

Atlantic’s labeling equipment specialists will work with your production line on a full range of label printers and applicators from table tops to print and apply to high-speed in-line systems. Let our engineering team and label specialists provide the system and the label to reduce your overall labeling costs.

Digital Printing – Labels and Sleeves

Our 7 color digital printing allows us to hit a wide gamut of colors beyond traditional four color process. The ability to print on tags, films and foils, along with multiple finishing options, offers expanded possibilities to accentuate high-end graphics and unique effects. This digital printing offers speed, unsurpassed quality, security printing, and low minimum orders along with the economy and flexibility of no plates.

Contact us today to see how our comprehensive food packaging and labeling materials and services can benefit your operation: 1-800-722-5841