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The Guardian Taping System: High-End Taping Solutions for High-Preforming Businesses

The Guardian Taping System: High-End Taping Solutions for High-Preforming Businesses

The Guardian Taping System automatically and optimally applies the perfect amount of high-quality tape to every package that comes down the production line.

The program saves you money through reduction of…
• Material Usage and Waste
• Downtime
• Damage
• Manual Rework
• Carbon Emissions

Reduce Material Usage & Waste
• Decrease tape usage by 10-20%.
• Use the entire roll of tape because it’s good to the core.
• See a 2-3% increase in overall equipment effectiveness when switching to Guardian.

Reduce Downtime
• Optimize your tape application to keep production moving.
• Minimize application defects, tape jams, and tape roll changeovers.

Reduce Damage
• Folded Edge® Technology strengthens the overall seal on the package and reduces the chance of tears along tape edges.
• Extreme wipe-down pressure ensures consistent and even sealing every time.
• Guardian tape provides content security with seals that withstand robotic palletizers and shipping.

Reduce Manual Rework
• You won’t have to waste time reworking improperly taped cases or clearing tape jams.

Reduce Carbon Emissions
• Preventing damage is crucial to sustainability. Broken products can’t sell and waste resources!
• Using high-quality tape means you use less tape overall.
• Expertly sealed packages decrease the need for return logistics.

How is the Guardian Taping System Able to Do All of This?

Folded Edge® Technology
Guardian’s patented Folded Edge® Technology optimally applies high-quality tape across the length of a package. The system ensures that tape folds perfectly over the edges of the box. This strengthens the overall seal of the parcel, reduces the chance of nicks and tears along the tape’s seal, and allows the carton to be opened without a knife or boxcutter.

Wipe-Down Pressure
The system’s multiple wipe-down applicators ensure a consistent and even seal that is over 75% stronger than our competitors. Extreme wipe-down force allows the tape’s adhesive to integrate deeply into corrugated boxes’ fibers to create tamper-evident seals on every carton.

Installation and Ongoing Service
The Guardian Taping System can be retrofitted to virtually any case sealer. Retrofitting is a quick, inexpensive way to update an older system. If you’re lacking a case sealing system all together, our technicians are always happy to install those too!

Our technicians enjoy building long-lasting relationships with our partners. We provide preventative maintenance on tape heads, wear parts on tape application devices as part of your contract, and ongoing service to ensure you’re up and running at optimal performance.

High-Performance Tapes
Guardian tape dispenses with hot-melt adhesive. This allows the tape to stick quickly for faster line speeds. As the tape unwinds from your system, its automatic tension control reduces breaks and provides ideal shear strength.

Show Your Commitment to Sustainability
Decreasing material usage and product damage means fewer carbon emissions!

The Guardian system uses the perfect amount of high-quality tape every seal. By applying better tape optimally, you use less tape overall.

Broken products can’t be sold and are a waste of resources. Protect your products and your brand’s image by minimizing product damage.

Guardian also eliminates manual taping rework and the need for return logistics with its automated precision and strength!

Atlantic’s LithoFlash Inline Scanner

Atlantic’s LithoFlash Inline Scanner

Atlantic has installed a LithoFlash Inline Scanner on its KBA 162 large format printing press. In the video above, Casey Ellison and Allison Scales give an inside look at Atlantic’s Printing & Graphics location in Tabor City, North Carolina, and discuss how the new scanner technology improves color consistency and reduces waste. The LithoFlash Inline Scanner allows for quicker baseline color and color leveling obtainment. It also enables clear analysis and reporting on every printing run. Much like how Atlantic’s MUST Monitoring System tracks stretch film usage to increase efficiency and reduce waste, this scanner optimizes our printing operation in the same way!

Atlantic Printing & Graphics is an industry leader in premium printed labels, cartons, shrink sleeves, and inserts. The business offers offset, flexo, and digital technology that allow the production of virtually any size run, from 200 to 200 million. These extended capabilities of printing on various substrates, from paper to board to film, offer color consistency throughout entire retail package lines.

Atlantic is constantly staying on top of the latest industry trends. The print industry is an exciting, fluid evolution of technology and resource. The business is continuously upgrading, updating, and researching the market. Atlantic was one of the first companies to integrate digital printing in 2002 and continues to lead in this area.

The high definition computer-to-plate system Atlantic utilizes allows for the highest quality printing plates for ultimate detail and highlights offering three-dimensional, 360-degree rotating shrink sleeve proofing that shows final graphics as they will appear after application. Atlantic routinely works with its vendors to test the latest releases of software, materials, and inks to stay ahead of the pack and offer its customers the best possible printed packages.

Atlantic’s in-house graphic artists and packaging specialists work with brands to expand their possibilities in retail packaging.

Atlantic’s Film Lab

Atlantic’s Film Lab

Atlantic’s Film Lab in Charlotte, North Carolina, provides customers with data-driven solutions that reduce product damage and save money. We provide our partners with thorough testing and hands-on training to ensure stretch films, trash bags, shrink films, and meat packaging films are all up to standard and consistent. Consistency of film is crucial in any business’ packaging process.

John Cook, Atlantic’s Stretch Film Technical Director, explains the importance of finding the right film and wrap pattern at the Film Lab in the video above. John Cook is a polymer chemist who has been innovating polyethylene resins and films since 1973. John’s work at Atlantic brings material knowledge and insight that benefits our customers.

In 2017, Atlantic founded its Film Lab to continue its pursuit of being the most innovative packaging company in the world. Investing in research & development is important because it allows Atlantic to provide its customers with the most innovative packaging solutions. Atlantic preforms a detailed investigation into its clients’ needs to select the best & most relevant films for their specific application to ensure optimal performance and cost savings.

Spotlight on the Guardian Taping System

Spotlight on the Guardian Taping System

Taping may seem like one of the more basic functions you perform in your facility. But if you have tape that fails, or a tape head system that fails to apply the tape properly, then you have big problems.  Broken seals lead to broken cases, and broken cases on a pallet can cause multitudes of damage.  This damage costs time, money, and can negatively affect your reputation.

You need tape and an automated taping system you can count on to secure and protect your product. 

This is why Atlantic teamed up with Shurtape, a leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive tapes and tape heads, to offer our customers the exclusive Guardian Taping System.

This system offers you some game-changing advantages:

Guardian tape uses hot melt adhesive with enhanced wipe-down pressure on the tape head so you get full utilization of this adhesive.

The system uses Folded Edge Technology that folds the edges of the tape along the length of the carton to reduce the possibility of nicks and tears along the tape seal and allows the carton to be opened without a knife.

When you sign on with the Guardian Taping System, you get technical service and preventive service to maintain the performance of the tape heads.

Guardian Taping System


Reduce downtime. Reduce material waste. Increase safety.

Save time. Save money.


With the Guardian Automatic Taping System, you get an innovative sealing system that puts an end to difficult tape roll changeovers that slow production, place unneeded stress on operators and keep lines from running at peak production.

CTM Label Applicator

CTM Label Applicator


Choosing the right label applicator for your packaging line will bring several advantages.  It will streamline your process while providing consistent output and lowering costs overall.

For our poultry customers at Atlantic, we recommend the CTM Label Applicator.  We’ve found great success with this model in processing facilities.  The CTM system allows for labeling the top, bottom and side of food products. The food grade friction belt helps to stabilize products while labeling.

Here are other important features of this machine:

  • Dispenses labels at up to 3,000 inches per minute
  • Configure as a merge, blow-on or tamp-blow applicator
  • 5″, 7.5″ or 10″ widths
  • Easily switch modules to the opposite hand with few or no change parts in a minimum amount of time
  • Combined power supply, amplifier and position controller to comprise a single drive package
  • Single axis digital stepper / servo controller controls up to five tasks simultaneously plus management of variables with expanded I/O
  • Electronic control assembly module can be easily removed for repair or replacement, eliminating costly downtime and servicing
  • Stepper motor allows for “self-teaching” label sensor
  • Stepper drive uses a micro pulse driver for increased accuracy and performance
  • File encryption allows for easy on-site software revisions and upgrades

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The CTM Labeler is ideal to help streamline your poultry packaging operation by improving productivity, speed, and consistency. Atlantic technicians are adept at assessing your needs and applications for a labeler as well as installing, and servicing the equipment.

Contact us if you have questions or want to learn more.

Pattyn Poly Bag Inserter

Pattyn Poly Bag Inserter

Spotlight on the Pattyn Poly Bag Inserter

To help automate your packaging line, the Flexim-31 Poly Bag Inserter from Pattyn makes made-to-measure bags from a roll of polyethylene film and automatically inserts the bags into different types of containers: cardboard boxes, crates, trays, tins, pails or styrofoam cases.

This machine offers some great advantages.  Because you’re starting from a parent roll of film, you have a lower cost per bag.  The machine is compact, high performance, and versatile.  It can also integrate with a case erector, weigh filler, bag closer and case sealer for a fully automated packaging line for ultimate efficiency.

Save up to 30% with made-to-measure bags from a reel, compared to preformed bags
2000 bags on one reel of PE-film for higher autonomy
Quick and ergonomic film roll exchange from the operator side

For case studies and customer success stories about the Pattyn Bag Inserter, please contact Atlantic today.